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Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019 | Best IT Videos Yet | “A Glimpse Ahead”

Despite the grand scale of haterade against the company in the US, nobody can deny the fact that Microsoft has changed the world. They were always at the forefront of technological advancements and has tried to dominate every single part of it. From the internet, to Operating Systems, to Gaming up to Software, Microsoft is a brand to reckon with. That is why it comes as no surprise that a team from their company has already mapped on what could be the future of the way we live and work in the years ahead. They launched a website and some kick ass videos that show how their concepts and potential tools will be consumed by the regular people of all walks of life.To give you a “glimpse ahead,” watch this video: to watch more vids and learn more, visit their official Office Labs site:

Windows Live Writer Review: Blog your heart out!

“With the release of its Windows Live Writer (beta) tool to the public, Microsoft has tried to make it simpler to bring content—be it maps, photos, or video—onto your blog.
What is this? Windows Live Writer is a free standalone download to your desktop, only 5MB in size. It requires you to have the 23MB Microsoft .NET Framework.
“When initially setting up the tool using its wizard, it will ask you what type of blog you'll be editing. It of course is preset by default for editing Windows Live Spaces pages, but with a single click you can choose to use it with most any blog publishing tool (you can also always return to the Weblog menu and add or edit other blogs you'd like the app to work with)…
In addition to Spaces, the tool has also been designed to work with Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, and others…
What should make Writer popular is its ability to be used with multiple blogs; its developers have tried to integrate or provide for imitating the many blog style…