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Gilas vs Croatia: Heroes of our own Tale

August 30th was a FIBA underdogs' memorable night which so happens who represent our country too. The journey was arduous but a fight worth cheering for anyway.

The sports bar heated with so much excitement as I entered. I can only grin looking at people munching through their food as they stare on strategically-placed flat screens which all played the Gilas vs Croatia basketball match. In an ear-deafening symphony everyone elated with joy as our home team player shot, then the people's chatter went back. That was more or less the pattern that went on all throughout the game, like a lifeline indeed. I can only brim with so much joy thinking about such similarity. Armed with my Philippine flag t-shirt and oozing Pinoy pride, I willingly blended in and was escorted by my friend Ms Kezia to the table I shared with blogger friends from Manila. It was the exclusive media viewing party hosted by Unilab, the makers of Alaxan.

A sport close to our nation's heart. At some point I w…

Road to Finals: Elite runners win 38th National @MiloPH Marathon

Elite runners Rene Herrera and Lany Cardona set a swift pace for the 21-K division run at the 38th National MILO Marathon on Sunday in Dagupan City. Each received a cash prize of P10,000, a trophy, and a coveted spot in the National Finals on December 7 for their respective victories.

Out of more than 10,000 runners, 48 qualified for the National Finals in this leg. As an added incentive to the prestige of winning the country’s premier footrace, MILO will be sending this season’s MILO Marathon King and Queen to compete with the world’s finest athletes at the Tokyo Marathon in 2015.

35-year-old Herrera led the pack, clocking in a time of 01:12:36. Robino Javier followed close behind, finishing at 01:15:59, and Ronnie Rosete placed third 01:19:37. Herrera, who hails from Guimaras, is a member of the Philippine Navy and a five time SEA Games gold medalist. He also competed in the 2012 London Olympics.

“I have joined the MILO marathon since 1995, and this year, the race is part of my traini…

PBA Legends Do Something Awesome That Inspires These Young Kids

PBA superstars Jojo Lastimosa and Johnny Abarrientos returned once again to Brgy. Casuntingan, Mandaue City where a basketball court dubbed as the “Court of Inspiration” was built.

The program is part of a nationwide advocacy to promote a culture of hard work and dedication, where pain is seen as a badge of honor.

Dubbed as the Galing Mo Camp, the training program will reward not only those who work hard but also those who demonstrate the attitude of champions. They trained young, local basketball players demonstrating heart and skills for a chance to receive special training in Manila under the basketball legends, all aside from winning cash grants for themselves and their communities.

Championing Hard Work Five of the best local prospects that would be chosen will be sent to train in the program's national leg, along with others from

Iloilo, Bacolod, Butuan, Sarangani, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, Tacloban and Zamboanga and the chance to be scouted in amateur and collegiate league…

London 2012 Opening Ceremonies Review

After four years, London etches itself on historical stones once again as they host the Olympic games for 2012 staging itself through an opening dubbed as the "Isles of Wonder".

The Ceremony reflected what are the primary values that will surround the Games that goes beyond the sporting event through inspiration, urban revitalization and the youth itself. It was British people's pinnacle of creativity.

Director Danny Boyle, known for his theatrical successes for “Trainspotting”, “Slumdog Millionaire” and Great Britain stage production of “Frankenstein,” gave the London Olympics 2012 the applause it deserves as it celebrated Britain's culture in the most powerful of ways.

Honestly, it wasn't as awe-inspiring as Beijing Olympics Opening but the fact that it connected well with the world through human narratives is worth a thumbs up.

"Isles of Wonder" was actually delightful at times. The Queen parachuting into the stadium as a Bond girl? Awesome. Rowen Atki…

Awesome Splashes of Flippin' Fun

Babes, dudes, beer, food and lots of Wake Boarding turned the once beautifully sluggish shorelines of the Pandanon Island into an adrenaline-pumping having as a venue for the opening of a splashin' good sporting event of the year. The music and the dynamic host blasts through megawatts of audible power as people go about having a great time all over while waiting for the main event to happen.

Yours truly was exultant to be part of the opening ceremony and kick-off competition with boarders, from all over the country and in Asia, flocking to the newly-opened water park! 
There is something about this competitive sport that truly amazes each and one of us. The hang time players do as they effortlessly lift themselves doing death-flouting flips is just worth of every applause. It’s more than just what makes them defy the natural laws of man being unmade for flight; they do so in slow motion and after much momentum, they take advantage of the gravitational pull as they go down and make…

DANCE XCHANGE 2012: The International Dance Workshop and Festival

The NCCA-National Committee on Dance in partnership with the Province of Cebu is holding Dance Xchange 2012. The International Dance Workshop and Festival with the theme "Cultural Connectivity through Dance”. 

This event is the Philippine celebration of the International Dance Day and in accordance with Presidential Proclamation No. 154, declaring the last week of April as the "National Dance Week".

 Dance Xchange is also one of the banner projects of the Philippines, the Province of Cebu in particular as the ASEAN Cultural Capital for 2012.

The Dance Xchange will have activities such as artists forum, dance workshops to be conducted by dance directors/ dancers from participating countries, masters classes, festival of dance performances, major concerts and cultural tours.

This will be held on April 27 – 30, 2012 at the Cebu International Convention Center, Cebu City, Philippines.

The Dance Xchange aims to:

strengthen network among dance groups in the ASEAN and beyond, e…

David Beckham LA Galaxy 6-1 win in Manila

I am not really well-versed on sports let alone doing sports betting. But having heard that football superstar David Beckham went to Manila did interest every one. I  just read on Yahoo! News that he played with children rescued from the streets in Manila yesterday. I should know how dangerous the streets are; with the tales that our poor brothers and sisters tell me everytime we do church outreach programs, it just troubles me so much as to how vices and crime could ruin the lives even of the young. David Beckham and his team were at a UNICEF supported government center playing with the kids.

What was also great was the fact that he played with the Philippine Football team, The Azkals, in a ‘friendly’ just today with a 6-1 win. Noteworthy was the reaction of Philippine coach Micheal Weiss who gave a long face to show how unhappy he was. I mean, it really is acceptable. The PBA never won against NBA when they went here. Not that I suffer from inferiority complex but it just makes sens…