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Winning Against Yourself: Chasing Happiness

I have this practice of setting my expectations so low so I won't be disappointed and setting standards high because I deserve the best. Applying them to everyday situations is a balancing act but my point is for you to be an extremist to get the most out of every experience. I eat risks for breakfast that's why. hehe Apparently, that is my key to happiness.

Chronic stress has affected most people around me to the point that their careers and health has suffered, relationships in the family disintegrated and everything else eventually tumbled down. I must confess, I am workaholic too, and I am proud admitting that because I am truly happy with everything I do. 

But I always make it to a point to respect my body and to place restrictions on what tasks I can commit, events I can attend, gatherings I can grace, and projects I can start. There are so many things we must and can do yet this world never stops to present opportunities that constantly keep us on edge, keep us awake. Exp…