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Paddling your Way to Awesome Filipino Values | RAFI Launches Children's Picturebook

After reading it and singing it personally to my nephew one afternoon, I was able to lengths that this book could do to thousands or possibly millions of children within the region and beyond. 

Filipino values has been quite a struggle to instill in my eight year old homebuddy's sensibilities. Well, with all the gadgets, games, cable TV, and toys, you have to compete with a lot of attention and this book is fun in all sort of ways. Great illustrations, great plot, humble characters and the inclusion of classic preschool song makes it book worth your family's while.

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) launched Akong Bugsay on Feb. 19 at the Eduardo Aboitiz Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center.

"Just as the bugsay philosophy inspired individuals and groups in business and government, we believe that it can also be shared with children. Just like Andoy, young children have goals. They are excited and curious and want to do new things. Just like his fathe…

Guest Post: Art Saves Children's Souls

It's never too late to change. He was once one of the kids we fear as we stroll the streets of Cebu City. Now, a boy becomes a hero in his own right by inspiring people to turn to art for comfort rather than spreading crime, violence and hate, which other impoverished kids are doing. Read on for a special feature from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.
What started as an artwork by 16-year-old Alberto Lopez from Barangay Ermita in Cebu City has led to the creation of an arts project that later provided venues for expression for more young children and teens like him.
For Lopez, this artwork, which is a sketch of a happy family, show his desire to draw until his hands get weary.
“I had never been interested in arts before, primarily because I was out in the streets fighting with other kids. I was once a delinquent juvenile in Ermita, spending more time on the streets with my older peers,” he said in Bisaya.
Lopez’s story inspired the Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund (DACF) of the Ramon…

Wandering Bohol At Its Best Part 1

It was dawn of December 27th and I haven't slept well because I was partying with my cousins and friends when I fumbled my way to a taxi heading for Pier 1 when I suddenly got a call from my office mate saying that she had cancelled our trip because it had been raining. So I grabbed all of my things out of the taxi and decided to go home, mope around and sleep. Then the rain ran somewhere far perhaps and I was awakened by a call that we are making the trip in the afternoon as it could be safer. Hours later, we all met up at the Pier, contacted our tour guides for confirmation and excitedly boarded OceanJet for a trip that entertained us with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

As we stepped into Tagbilaran Pier, the weather was still not that accommodating with light rainshowers, so we have to enjoy what we can get. Just talking about our itinerary just blew me off. It was not a first time for me and Yenna in the mystic island of Bohol but still have so much travel itch that could matc…

Live: Jaysee Blabs Year-End Reflections

Life is simple. You are born. You grow, then you die.

But no one ever said it's easy. The roads we take in between, the people we meet, the circumstances that surround us and the challenges being thrown our way brings out the worst in us; and in some cases, our best. It’s very tempting to talk about positivity but there will come a time that God will test you so much that you will know what is real and where you really stand. People call it pessimism. I call it upright realization that life is irreversible so never take a leap to unknown heights if you’ve had your share of sorrows and mistakes.

It is knowing who you really are, what you are capable of and what you want to do that will define who you will become.
Life is harsh. The most horrendous things can make you become a stronger being you never thought you would be. I’ve taken risks and some may have paid off but one thing didn’t.

Life is short.Have fun. Love the simple things. Kiss the rain. And of course, don't screw things…

Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers

Lihok PilipinaFoundation Inc.: 
Social Welfare Champions, Ultimate Change Shapers
Feature by Jaysee John R. Pingkian, author of  Jaysee Blabs
Action is the most definite thing one should do if he wishes to become an architect of change, and to mobilize hundreds of families to battle poverty and abuse could be a legacy worth talking about in the decades to come.

There are a lot of institutions that caters to protecting women and children but one goes beyond their purpose to solve the bigger ills of this society.

Child protection is very close to my heart because I am witness to cruelty against them almost every now and then; and to be powerless at times, makes me rethink how I perceive this world, but now knowing that a group of individuals are putting their acts together to rescue them, and alleviate them from poverty along the way, is, by far, the best discovery I have ever made.

Introducing Lihok PilipinaFoundation Inc.(LPFI)...

Uphill ClimbLihok PilipinaFoundation Inc.(LPFI) was organ…

My Kool Adventure Camp Experience

Being a scholar of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI)'s Young Minds Academy Program, I took part in a one-of-a- kind character building leadership training seminar dubbed as Kool Adventure Camp (KAC) which was conducted at the Boys Scout Camp in Lahug, Cebu City on the great day of March 27, 2011.

There was so much to learn about the Kool Adventure Camp and most of it was about discovering ourselves and our peers. "Handa na ba kayo?" I will not be narrating the specific activities that we've had so that you will be spared to relish the experience itself.

I was able to impart to everyone how I envision myself to be through my camp name, “Tubod” which symbolizes how I want to be a reminder that God should be the living water in each of our hearts.

I was also able to experience how it feels to be out of our comfort zone but not too far to be at panic. With no time to be comfortable and full, we lived a lifestyle that was far from what most of us grew up in.

My Blastin 2010

The year 2010 is the Year of the Jaysee Blabs.

I got addicted to the Sims 3 and decided to blog about this great home which more or less depicted my dream home, something that faces the sea and something that is contemporary.Sinulog 2010 was something I could never forget since it was my third year to dance at the mardi gras. Our school, AMA Computer College has started to offer ‘sayaw halad’ for the biggest festivity in the country as a sign of gratitude and I didn’t have a choice but I never regretted the experience.I then campaigned so hard for Gibo that this blog became a dedicated magazine with posts like Why Vote for Gibo? And I also decided to create a Youtube video to create a music video of his campaign jingle “Lipad” by Rivermaya. I used Sims 2’s game movies to craft the awesome vid.It is also the year for me to have my design printed for an event and it was for my nephew-son’s birthday. Miggy turned 5 and I designed his tarp and cards. This year also launched my freelance ca…

Jaysee becomes an Emerging Pinoy Leader Part 2 | Leadership Congress by RAFI and ALEx

To understand the amazing stories that follow please read the Part 1 of the Leaders Congress I had just attended.
So far, we arrived and played cool teambuilding games, learned about the alarming population report, had a Breakout session with amazing guest speakers, but the day hasn’t end yet.

Kuya Iggy, Me, Ate Mikyu, Kuya Ronnel
We had Knowledge Café, Fellowship Night and the Drafting of the Youth Declaration. To know what they are read on.
Our next great experience at the Congress was the Knowledge Café where we tackled different issues in the society and what we have done or doing, what we envision our youth would be and what we intend to do to realize that.
I am so proud of our group, the Royal Blue and how our discussions had led to very productive output while at the same time interesting enough all through out the day. The beautiful chapel areas where divided into stations that has a designated ALEx member who will convene us into discussing a specific area o…

A real-life love story that could make you say ‘time is gold’

Just a few hours ago, I was drawn into another world by my supervisor, Ate Suzie. Moments before I logged off from work, she was sharing a story via Skype that literally made me laugh my ass off in the office. What started as a funny inquiry about her Skype status message, turned to her whirlwind love story that is sure to inspire most of us.

She was telling me a funny story about why she “won’t give up her Flojo’s.” Then I asked her if she really is married because she referred her bf as bana. She affirmed so I commented, “Game Over na diay?” referring to the famous T-shirts floating around. She laughed adding that men can only look at her now.

“So how did he propose?” She was kinda hesitant but knowing her she not only answered that but told the whole story.

It all started when they met December 2009. Then he proposed February the next year and got married at August. Shocking? You have no idea how I reacted.

“Unsay dugayan? (What’s there to wait)” she joked.

“Naliki ko te. (I’…

Fw: PETA trashes Canadian Seal Slaughters!

March 15th is the International Day of Action against the Canadian seal slaughter.Join compassionate people like you for this online day of action against the bloody seal slaughter! We'll be posting details in the coming weeks about ways you can help without even leaving your house. From making phone calls to E-mailing petitions to friends, there are many ways to take just a minute to speak up for these animals.Did you know that during Canada's annual war on seals, sealers routinely hook live seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging the fur, then they drag the seals across the ice? Many of these gentle creatures may not even have eaten their first solid meal or taken their first swim before they are slaughtered for their skin!
Interested in leafleting or setting up a local demonstration? Drop us a line at or younger and want to help save the seals? peta2 will hook you up with free stickers and more to hand out at school! E-mail peta2@peta2.c…

Hugz and Itlog! My friend’s teddies!

It’s never too late for Valentines as it could happen every single day of our lives and to exploit that is the presence of two teddies in school last Feb 15. What else to do on break time but take snaps of these cute critters!Happy Valentine’s Day!