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Most Recommended PSP Games Ever

PSP since its launch changed the way people play. It has heated millions of hands with a platform for cinematic gameplay on the go. That is why I worked so hard busting my ass on graveyard shifts before I got hold with my very own PSP. And with additional technology like torrents, I was able to play some of the world’s greatest games made for the small gaming monster. If you own a PSP then you might wanna check these games out. I personally played on all of them. Great storyline + Great graphics + Not so bad music = Great gameSimulationThe Sims 2 I, for one, have always been an addict of The Sims since the The Sims 1 days. The Sims 2 caters to fans and the general public alike. Splashed with a compelling storyline as the PC version had, you would be glued in to your console for a few more hours solving mysteries, doing interactions, reading dialogue, and most especially playing mini-games along the way. Unlike the PC version, The Sims 2 for PSP is task-based and you get rewards for he…