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Are You A Filipino College Student And Want To Travel The World For Free? This Is For You!

"Go Green in the City" Global Competition.
Be part of the journey as young students like you innovate and crunch out smart ideas to make cities smarter.

Compete for a trip around the world and a career opportunity at Schneider Electric, one of the biggest global specialists in energy management.

Open to all Filipino college students of any course who have ideas that utilize, optimize, conserve and or generate electricity. No need to create an actual prototype. Just a one-pager of what you think will change the world someday.

Four easy steps:Register.Fill out your profile.Form a team of two with, for diversity purposes, has at least one girl in the group.Submit your one page case solution.
Deadline for submission of proposals is February 1, 2015.

Inform your colleagues and the professor you have chosen to become your mentor about this today and start exhausting all available resources to conceptualize your project.

Pinoy Pride
In 2013, two engineering students from the Ateneo…

Something to Hooray About

If not just the sunset, mornings are my most favorite part of the day.

Something about new beginnings and second chances, a promise to do something great, mornings just give us so many things to be anxious or smile about.

McDo brought together bloggers and media practitioners to do something together for the first time.

When I heard that I am invited to do yoga, I was like nah, that's going to be easy.

But little did I know that it is so strenuous, I could actually consider it a sport. My arms were literally shaking from the weight of my body and hamstrings ached as it was stretched doing the standing dog position. I just knew right then and there I had to do this every day. For someone who lives a monotonous lifestyle of endless officework with little to no movement for hours, this is a treat to your body as it tones your arms, loosens up joints, awakens your digestive system, improves blood circulation, and hardens your core.

"May all human beings find peace."
Loading If …

Maple of Pancake House now opens in Cebu! @mapleph

MaplePH is Manila’s premier all-day fine-dining restaurant where modern cuisine meets a family friendly atmosphere. The restaurant features western-styled comfort food with an American trained chef, international methods and top quality ingredients. 

Inspired by classic children’s fairy tales, service staff pay extra attention to ensure that all guests, young and old, are transported to a home away from home. 

Maple Cebu features breakfast items such as the

gourmet Prime Rib Tapa and the Philippines’ “best” Pancakes, 
lunch favorites such as the

MAPLE Burger and low calorie Fish Tacos, and 
delectable entrees including

`Drippin’ Baby Back Ribs and the hand crafted Spaetzle Jambalaya

MaplePH ’s debut locations in Makati, Mandaluyong and Alabang are already getting raves for its unique blend of casual and modern food fare.

This July 26, 2014, they will be opening of their first provincial outlet in Ayala Center Cebu and it would be their privilege to have you.

Like Maple Cebu on Facebook toda…

How This Big Brand Gets You to Be #BetterTogether

With the recent launch of the #BetterTogether campaign, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola took a stand and asked people to stay offline a little longer to celebrate real-world connections.

Encouraging its customers to spend time with one another over a McDonald’s meal and a Coca-Cola drink, the two iconic brands introduced the BFF Bundles, meals best shared with friends, enabling them to experience moments of genuine connection anytime, anywhere.

In order to amplify and sustain the #BetterTogether campaign’s big idea of inspiring people to enrich their friendships by being physically together, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have developed a new mobile app that will make bonding time even more exciting—the BFF Timeout App.

A fun new way to bring friends closer together, the BFF Timeout App is a gaming app which challenges players to go on a “digital timeout” with friends—to celebrate real-world connections without digital interruptions, such as checking their mobile phones. Customers just have to dow…

Flavor ‎Explosive Hawaiian Overload #Pizza and Creamy Carbonara Pasta @greenwichpizza

Most of the time, we find ourselves craving for something that beats the usual fare. 

Much to everyone’s delight, Greenwich opens the year with two gastronomic offerings no one could resist: both all-time favorites made better- the Hawaiian Overload Pizza and the Creamy Carbonara Pasta.

No other pizza in the market offers the complete range of Hawaiian flavors in one bite. With Greenwich’s Hawaiian Overload Pizza, you’re cravings are not only satisfied, you also take on an entirely different experience altogether. The combination of sweet juicy pineapples balanced with tangy cheddar and mouthwatering mozzarella, blends in harmony with the salty and spiced flavors from the meats.

Finally, it is topped off with crunchy bell peppers which send you on your way to an exciting explosion in your mouth!Complement this meal with a rich and savory Creamy Carbonara Pasta. 
For those who crave for something warm and filling, this cream-based sauce hits the spot with its crispy bacon bits and grated…

Sigeland: How Breeze Let's Cebu Moms Kids Explore

Mothers all around the metro were invited to Breeze’s first ever Sigeland event last June 22, 2013 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. It became such a success, that more moms asked if Breeze could hold another one. So Breeze decided to mount a second run of the Sigeland at the Ayala Activity Center in Cebu. Gates opened to the public at 11:00 AM, where moms and kids alike were welcomed to take part in fun activities as well as bring home a toy from the first toy store that doesn’t accept cash. 

Breeze believes that stains, which come from playing and exploring, are good because it builds life experiences and teaches lessons. This is an attitude they wish to instill in mothers (thus turning them into Sige Moms) so that they encourage their children to try new things and learn important values along the way. Sigeland provides a perfect venue by which this can happen.  
Breeze proudly presents the very first of its kind. Moms and kids in Sigeland took home toys without paying for them in c…

Awesome Nerds Invades Boracay for "Geeks On A Beach" | DOST supports GOAB

THE Philippines’ first-ever “Geeks On A Beach” (GOAB) tech and startup conference scheduled for Sept. 26-27 in the world-famous Boracay Island is now being co-presented by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

This was learned from Tina Amper, founder and president of the organizing who said that DOST, through its Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO), has since been very supportive of the group’s activities.

“The DOST has always been there for us,” said Amper. “From the first Startup Weekend Cebu to Startup Weekend Cebu 3, the DOST has been a perennial supporter. We owe all of this to Usec Casambre and sir Monchito (Ibrahim).”

Undersecretary Louis Napoleon C. Casambre is the executive director of DOST-ICTO, whose leadership has moved the agency forward in its new thrust to uplift the entrepreneurial spirit in the ICT industry. Monchito Ibrahim is Casambre’s deputy executive director for policies.

“We in the ICTO believe that providing supp…

Awesome Opening Activities for Nutrition Month 2013!

Cebu get ready for an awesome month of wellness and life! 

Let's celebrate the Nutrition Month by dropping by at Ayala Center Cebu July 1, 2013 5PM for a Zumba Fitness Session sponsored by the National Nutrition Council Region VII! 

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Give the gift of hope this Mother’s Day with special Lazada gift cards

Mother’s Day is all about commemorating moms everywhere and celebrating their love, kindness and inspiration.  It is a time for thoughtful gifts, cheerful family gatherings and unique ways of showing them how much their kids care. It also serves as a reminder about the less fortunate children who grow up without devoted mothers, and urge kind souls to do their share to help.  

This Mother’s Day, the Philippines’ online shopping mall LAZADA is teaming up with World Vision, the international community development organization, to improve the lives of underprivileged children across the country through special Mother’s Day gift cards. 
These limited series World Vision Mother’s Day gift cards are available for P600 at

“When you purchase this World Vision Mother’s Day card, a donation in her name will be made in honor of your mother,” said Jun Godornes, Associate Director of World Vision.“This donation will go to World Vision’s Child sponsorship program that en…

To a Different Summer Level of McHappiness

It’s the start of another epic summer. Everyone looks forward to days of fine sunny weather at the beach and afternoon hang-outs with friends or family. 

Whether a summer trip is in order or not, this vacation can be made more fun with any of the McFloat Rainbow Medley. 

McDonald’s welcomes this season with a set of yummy flavors from the McFloat Rainbow Medley. Load up on four fruity flavors – Green Apple, Melon, Strawberry and Lychee. Each flavor is filled with the right amount of softdrink fizz and soft serve creaminess that is sure to cool you down.

Looking for the ultimate summer merienda? Make sure to pair that fruity sweetness with Pinoys’ favorite golden crunchy savory treat. If you’re craving for this, look no further than ordering the McFloat and Fries Combo.

Share your McFloat happy moments at McDonald’s Facebook fan page, or on twitter, @McDo_ph

This is a press release.

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LBC pilots TXT Remit service in Cebu

LBC Remit Express, one of the country’s key players in the remittance industry, is introducing TXT Remit, the company’s newest and most convenient product which will allow Filipinos to send and receive money at the speed of a text message.

To be launched first in Cebu, the breakthrough service bridges the challenges of geographical location when transferring and claiming remittances. With this service, customers can instantly send and receive money anytime, anywhere in the Philippines via SMS.

“With TXT Remit, our customers will enjoy an increased level of service in terms of convenience, speed and reliability. The remittance process is now easier and faster just like sending a text message.
"We chose Cebu to pilot the service because of its dynamic remittance environment which is smaller and easier to monitor. Eventually, we will expand the service to other areas in the Philippines,” says Achilles Reyes, VP of LBC Money.
The service improves the remittance experience of Filipino se…

Big Flat Bread Tastiest Pizzas and Cheesecakes in Cebu

Big Flat Bread is a place for everyone to enjoy a good meal with good company at affordable prices in a decent setting.

BFB is one of the restaurants by Opportunists, Inc. of which Jim Uy, a Cebuano by birth, is the company president. It is a local pizza chain that began in Cagayan de Oro in 2009. 

Jim Uy grabbed the opportunity to be the first local pizza contender in Cagayan since he saw there were no other local players and he found a good location (Limketkai Mall).

Big Flat Bread immediately gained popularity and quickly grew to five branches within three years – two in Cagayan de Oro, one in Palawan and Butuan and now, Cebu. Kevin Lance Lim is the first franchisee for the Cebu branch.

BFB – as fondly named by regular customers – boasts of their thin crust pizza, baked in a brick oven, which comes in choices of two sauces: tomato sauce or white sauce. Pizza is served in three sizes – big (12”), bigger (18”) and biggest (30”). They not only offer an interesting variety of pizza flavor…

Awesome Fun at WAT EVER FAMILY KTV in Cebu

Filipinos are known to be great singers and maybe even the karaoke capital in the world! Karaoke can be found anywhere around the Philippines, even in far flung towns and provinces. 

Wat Ever Family KTV was born in Cagayan de Oro in 2010 from the company Opportunists, Inc. Since then, it has grown to three branches – Cagayan, Dumaguete and now, Cebu.

Wat Ever Family KTV Cebu houses 12 karaoke rooms that can comfortably accommodate 7-12 people, equipped with professional shock-proof mics, dancing disco lights and fully airconditioned. The rooms have quirky names derived from the word “whatever”. Songs are updated every month.

Wat Ever Family KTV is the only KTV in Cebu with real sounds as accompaniment, such as real acoustic sounds, giving customers the sensation of doing a live concert. Songs can also be recorded and downloaded into a USB so customers can record their own cover album. The dancing disco lights are peculiar because they are influenced by voice recognition. When the group…

Free McDonald's Breakfast on March 18 to ALL Customers

On March 18, McDonald’s Philippines, together with 5,000 McDonald’s restaurants in Asia, Middle East and South Africa will be staging the region’s first and biggest breakfast activation to date—National Breakfast Day. On this day, over 5 million McMuffins will be given away in celebration of this event.

Filipino customers will join in the fun and have another great reason to cheer ‘Hooray for Today!’. Close to 300,000 free McMuffins will be given nationwide to encourage customers to start their mornings on a positive note with a delicious breakfast at McDonald’s. 

All McDonald’s restaurants serving breakfast in the country will be offering 1,000 delicious McMuffins from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM via dine-in, take-out, or drive-thru.
McDonald’s President and CEO Kenneth Yang said, “McDonald’s realizes the importance of breakfast and the role it plays in the lives of our customers—seen with our ‘Hooray for Today’ campaign. With National Breakfast Day, we are taking ‘Hooray for Today’ to a new l…

Because Brushing Teeth is Never Enough

Oral health care simply put, means paying proper attention to one’s teeth, gums, and oral hygiene. Most are led to believe that brushing one’s teeth equates to oral health care, but more than this, oral health care also involves regular visits to the dentist, proper check-ups and treatment. If actively taken care of, good oral health can be the perfect stepping stone to overall wellness. 

As of 2012, the most common dental problems are bad breath, tooth decay or tooth erosion, gum disease, oral cancer, mouth sores, and tooth sensitivity, which result in unattractive smiles leading to low self-esteem. 
As the authority in oral health care, Metro Dental informs and provides remedies to these, the Metro Dental way. Using cutting-edge technology, Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry are some of the world-class dental care services offered by Metro Dental. Led by the country’s top professional dentists, there is no doubt why Metro Dental is at the forefr…

DC Shoes releases Mike Mo kicks!

DC, with its mission to make a significant change has been in the forefront of developing high quality skateboarding shoes that can handle the stresses of wear and tear while skateboarding. With this inovation comes a new line of DC shoes that will hit the market sooner than you think. 

DC introduces the Mike Mo Capaldi collaboration shoes.

About Mike Mo Capaldi Mike Mo Capaldi is a skateboarding athlete acquired by DC Shoes last year, and as part of his first year as a pro athlete for the brand, DC is releasing its first ever Mike Mo Capaldi collaboration shoes, the Mike Mo S. The key features of this shoe by Mike Mo is that it is seamless/no stitches, and is made with Unilite – DC’s trademarked lightweight outsole. The outsole also has an X-groove mark which allows more free movement, making it easier for skateboarders to do their tricks.

Mike Mo Shooz With a customized design that focuses on fit, protection, board feel, durability, and ventilation, the Mike Mo really was designed f…

How to recharge prepaid mobile balance from anywhere in the world

I have relatives on both sides of my family living abroad for various reasons reasons and it always has something to do with trying to give the very best for their families. Technology has enabled us to connect with our loved ones in ways we never knew a few decades back. It has enabled us to simply talk and laugh with them like they were never gone. In fact, last Christmas, the whole family gathered around the computer to skype with our cousins abroad and they did a little magic show to our little children's amazement. Things like this are priceless.

But Skype has limitations, they're gonna need to login to their computer to be able to contact you. They even need to load credits to call you, or when worse comes to worst: what if there is an emergency and you need to get contacted immediately. Computer and internet connection may not always be there but your phone is. Worry not, there is hope.

I had just learned about how to enrich your experience with loved ones abroad throug…

Lazada Philippines' Biggest Online Shopping Mall

Lazada Philippines ( is the trendy fastest-growing online shopping site in the nation. 

Lazada deals with a vast choice of merchandises and offers a useful, awesome online shopping encounter with  free delivery available. They also give a 7-day return policy, and an innovative payment scheme: cash on delivery. 

With Lazada, consumers can shop at any time, wherever, and discover the best deals in electronics, cellphones & accessories, computers, home & living, home appliances, toys, kids & babies, travel accessories and luggage, beauty, jewelry & watches, fashion and so much more.

Lazada is also present in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Lazada is owned by Rocket Internet, the largest, fastest and most successful international online venture builder. Rocket Internet has been building online companies since 1999 and has created over 100 market- leading companies in over 40 countries. Their headquarters is in Berlin with 25 international office…

'One Pacific Residence' is now 95% sold; new cluster to be launched

Megaworld, the country's top real estate company, announces that it has reached 95% of total sales for its One Pacific Residence condominium in Mactan, Cebu. This success has called for the upcoming launch of the development's new cluster on the first quarter of this year.

Located in Lapu-Lapu City, the new cluster will enjoy the property's topnotch amenities. These include a 20-meter-long pool, aqua gym, rock climbing wall, yoga/taichi area and pocket gardens, to name some of its standout features. The condominium will also include One Pacific Square, a retail area at the ground level, which will feature chic stores and boutiques.

“We are bringing luxury and lifestyle convenience to new heights. One Pacific Residence will showcase the best of 'Newtown' living,” says Noli D. Hernandez, President of Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc. 
Formally unveiled to the public on August 2012, One Pacific Residence was met with positive response from the Cebuanos, including Lapu-La…

The Mactan Newtown brings a greater McDo to the island

Megaworld's newest township in Central Visayas, The Mactan Newtown, is shaping up to be one of Cebu's exciting lifestyle hotspots. Having already marked its arrival in Lapu-Lapu City when 8 Newtown Boulevard and One Pacific Residence were launched recently, The Mactan Newtown reaches another milestone with the opening of its first fast food tenant - McDonald's The Mactan Newtown - this January.

The Megaworld township is modelled after the company's pioneering 'live-work-play' concept, to which the fast food giant fits perfectly.

Like its other branches, McDonald's The Mactan Newtown will boast of the familiar drive-thru and PlayPlace areas.

“We are very excited to have a McDonald's open in The Mactan Newtown. It's always a risk to build branches in newly-developed areas, but at the rate that this Megaworld township is going, we have a sure winner,” says Eugene Reducindo, managing director of Choice Gourmet Banquet, Inc., franchisee of Golden Arches D…