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Of Becoming Your Own Hero: A RAFI Alumni Story

Here is an inspiring story from the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. tells that you could be a hero by just giving a little of your time, and that time you give someone today is the treasure they will forever be grateful for...

Helping fellow youth
Reviewing her school lessons and doing assignments were the usual routine of Joni Joy Dumasig, 19, the moment she arrives at home from school. But now, this business major student dedicates some of her time to community work.

Dumasig is one of the young scholars of Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5 who have given up some of their time for hobbies and hanging out with friends to do more rewarding work.

These scholars under the youth leadership and citizenship development program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) committed to carry out community-based projects to address poverty and social welfare, the theme of YMA Season 5. By teams, they were assigned to four local government units and partnered with six civil society groups, which act…

Something big is coming! | Welcome to another year of awesome

I really do hope that you started your year right. The kind where you have swept out skeletons in your closet, put on a brand new attitude, envisioned, and set your goals that bring forth happiness. Something about new years that changes the way people look at life. Maybe because of the hope that it gives or a reminder to that you can make bigger things right this time. 

Because we all know that no matter how life is designed to be simple, it is very hard to live.

Either way, we, the Cebu Bloggers Society Inc., are doing our best to continuously improve ourselves, the things we do and how we do it.

This year we are proving ourselves to be bigger, bolder and definitely better in so many ways as we map out our agenda for the whole year. We are streamlining our internal processes and planning about big events that everyone can be part of. As we try to go beyond blogging, I do hope you paddle forward with us. Rough seas ahead are gonna rock us big time but with the right tools, methodologi…

The hero that is Mark Aethen Agana

Most of us hang out at the malls or with friends and family on our weekends while there is one guy who goes to his province’s public school tutoring graduating high school kids so that they make it college and now most of his 300 students not only get access to quality college education but as well as enjoy scholarships.

It gives me so much honor to tell the story of a humble guy who has done extraordinary feats.

Mark Aethen Agana couldn’t be any more deserving to his accolade, the Bayaning Kabataang Pilipino Award. It is part of a series of awards by lined Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. which immortalizes the contributions of community leaders like Mark who make the biggest difference in other people’s lives through their own little ways.
He believes that “one person is of more value than the world.” He dedicated his weekends tutoring English, Science and Mathematics to arm his students battle through college entrance and top scholarship examinations through the organization that he co-founded,…

A real-life love story that could make you say ‘time is gold’

Just a few hours ago, I was drawn into another world by my supervisor, Ate Suzie. Moments before I logged off from work, she was sharing a story via Skype that literally made me laugh my ass off in the office. What started as a funny inquiry about her Skype status message, turned to her whirlwind love story that is sure to inspire most of us.

She was telling me a funny story about why she “won’t give up her Flojo’s.” Then I asked her if she really is married because she referred her bf as bana. She affirmed so I commented, “Game Over na diay?” referring to the famous T-shirts floating around. She laughed adding that men can only look at her now.

“So how did he propose?” She was kinda hesitant but knowing her she not only answered that but told the whole story.

It all started when they met December 2009. Then he proposed February the next year and got married at August. Shocking? You have no idea how I reacted.

“Unsay dugayan? (What’s there to wait)” she joked.

“Naliki ko te. (I’…

Got my prize from Powerbooks after losing!?

I technically did not win.It all started when I got an email from Maam Mauie telling me about the book cover art contest that Powerbooks Store was hosting. She gave a link to her blog about the details and without hesitation, since I’ve got nothing to lose, I joined that very same night and sent my entry hours later, before I logged off at work. (Oops) Thing is I don’t have any idea what “Mockingjay” was. I had to research about the book and found out it was the final installment of a trilogy called “The Hunger Games.” Site after site, I soon gained knowledge and fell for the story eventually. Basically it’s like Big Brother only that the contestants are made to kill each other. Interesting huh? Then I looked through the previous book covers and learned about the bird as a metaphor to the theme. And since Mockingjay is about the end of the so called Hunger Games, my cover art speaks of salvation and freedom and the grunge effects and the blood spatter from the bow entails that “flyi…

Jaysee becomes a Story Catcher for a cause

I went out a bit earlier from work than usual last August 27. I was going to attend a blogging event. I am part of the writer’s circle for a project of Dilaab Foundation. Knowing that it was just a very healthy walk  from IT Park, I decided to proceed immediately St. Jerome Bible Center in Seminario Mayor de San Carlos.I arrived a bit later than 6 after being lost for quite awhile. With constant communication from my Cebu Blogger Society (CBS) friends who arrived earlier, I found myself in awe of the place. It reminded me of my old school or something. I felt like a grade school kid once again.We were greeted by the Project Assistant, the very bubbly Ms. Jenny Tan. She was very friendly and elegant. She had a vision for the country and the world and I'm glad I could be part of it. She invited us to have the chance to change lives one story at a time and who was I to turn that down. Aside from dinner, we were even treated to an authentic European espresso which had very interesting…

First Friday Rants and Reflections!

Why do people avoid masses or avoid Him in any way? Is one hour of our lives not worth giving? And yet they continue to blame him for their misfortunes. So don’t you ever let me hear you say your life sucks because maybe in one way or another, you deserved it. I heard over the radio this morning before the mass started that “little is much when God is in it.” With a little time you set aside, it is worth anything in the world if it had been utilized to celebrate Him.The reason I rant about this is because I was offended by people who said they’re not gonna come on today’s first Friday mass, even if they are Christians. But anyway the mass went well with a decent turnout and it was mostly attended by freshmen students which I am proud of. I just hope they don’t turn into lazy people just as their predecessors had. The homily was about the line from the gospel, “I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.” We were asked about the gospel’s timeliness and application in today’s soci…

It's Not About Religion but Values Formation: The AMA Cebu College Retreat

As per encouragement from our School Director, Ms. Vilma Lastimosa, the whole student body was asked to attend an overnight retreat at the Virbum Dei Retreat House in Banawa, Cebu. It is not about religion since we have diverse religious sects but it is about values formation.

Our main speaker was Brother Pablo who is a Spanish missionary and who could speak our vernacular, Bisaya, all too fluently from the years of his stay with us. He also told us his crazy life before entering the seminary.

We ate mostly fish since it was a Friday, a sacrifice Christians offer to Jesus during the Lenten Season. But food was bountiful despite the amount we paid.

We had confession with a priest, gatherings all over the picturesque venue, letter-writing to God and someone we consider the “wind beneath our wings”, video presentations of Nick Vujicic, a man without arms or legs and dad and Cerebral Palsy son who entered the IronMan which made me drop my defenses and cried, a switchman who sacrificed hi…

21-Year-Old Man Rescued 10 Days After Haiti Earthquake

A man gets a second shot at life as he was rescued just when everyone thought he would have died amidst all the rubble. He was hiding in the desk from the grocery store he was working in for 10 days and grabbed everything he can from sodas to crackers and pretty much everything he can reach just to keep himself alive. Well to think of it, it is just a small price to pay for the miracle of life. Reports have surfaced that he could be the “last victim to be pulled to safety.” And the miracle happened in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where all you could see are the remnants from the moving tectonic plates that took the lives and the livelihoods of millions. When a man heard a knocking sound amid the rubbles, he immediately alerted Greek, French and US teams and they responded to pull out a hotel cashier. You can just imagine the agony he has to go through of being under such tremendous stress and thoughts that help might not actually come. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, it was actually the da…

My Ultimate Sinulog Experience and Different Reflections

A lot have criticized Christianity here in Cebu because of our festivities in honor of the Child Jesus because they claim it is a form of idolatry. I know. Everyone has their opinions. But I’m pretty much sure that people don’t put all of their faith on the image itself but the more we worship it the more it affirms their convictions. Let us just treat the image as an image and not God because the line is very much thinning.
But we all have God to thank that Cebu has been spared from a lot of disaster that has ravaged our neighbors: no typhoons and floods, no earthquakes and not much fires and most definitely not that affected by the financial crisis that has kept the world barely breathing. Economy here is pretty much alive and everyone can attest to that. So I think this celebration of ours makes sense as we have a lot to gratify and most of which are not merely protections but as well as blessings we have received all year round.
Sinulog happens every year and this is the third t…

Something You Should Reflect This Christmas

The commercialization of Christmas overthrows the real celebrant. So it makes sense to look at the knots and bolts of this issue at hand.

First off, what really is Christmas? It is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ. In fact, the literal meaning of Christes maesse is Mass of Christ. It is in this season where we go to a lot of parties, decorate, give gifts but most of all see Santa’s figures most often than Christ. This should not be the case.

I know malls are doing that to keep people on the spirit of gift-giving or as I call it an encouragement to spend guilt-free on gifts or impulsive buying. On the other hand, Christ was born on a manger and His message is to be humble. What could more humble than coming here in human form?

Irish priest freed because kidnappers will watch Pacquiao

Did you know that the sudden release of Micheal Sinnott was because of someone else: the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer. Manny still holds the record of keeping a zero crime rate here in the country during his fights.The Irish priest said his captors decided to get him out of the jungles of Mindanao as early as possible because they wanted to catch Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.“Your freedom is our freedom. We don’t want to be here for a long time, too. And we want to watch Pacquiao’s fight.” - Sinnott said on Saturday, quoting his kidnappers as saying. -And critics of the Arroyo administration said it was done just in time of Hillary Clinton’s visit. Well, guess what Manny proved them wrong.;]

Resilience of Philippine Economy and What It Means To All Of Us

To the well-formed you might have known about the global financial crisis that started in the United States last year.

You might have known that every day thousands and thousands of American jobs are lost with a lot of businesses closing; that didn’t even spare world’s top companies like Intel, Microsoft, BMW, etc.

It is a sad, cold fact that the world is not on the right track.

News in the US reports nothing but:
millions of people who have lost their job and fresh graduates who can’t find one, businesses going on extreme austerity measures, how Obama is doing with the stimulus package, and people losing their cars and homes because they could no longer afford to pay mortgage. “People have been hurt, the poor suffers more than the rich.”
But a few months ago, our country, the Philippines, received an upgrade of our credit rating, citing the resilience of our economy.

“The state of our nation is a strong economy.”
The strong economy is the reason:
why we now own a beautiful h…

God, Trials, Friends and Love. The Greatest Lines On Earth You Could Say, Send and Write

GodThe shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. Pray. If He asks you to put something down, He wants you to pick up something better. He has greater faith in us than we have in ourselves. If you never felt pain, how would you know He is a healer? TrialsTrials are like grapes, they are crushed to produce the best wine. You can’t leave footprints if you walk on tip toe. Others may always be unsure, but you can always go on. The fire that melts the butter,
Is the same fire that hardens steel.

I bet you have not watched “Uton and the Secrets of the Mountains” | Tribal Women Kill Their Own Children

Last night, while I was watching 700 Club Asia on QTV, they had this special movie presentation that tells the story of Uton, a Christian tribe member in Mindoro. She is living in the mountains with her sister and it turns out, her tribe, the Mangyans, have a really dark secret: killing their own babies right after birth because of poverty. 
At night, she is haunted by the cries of babies in the mountains. Some women, she says trembling, crush the skull of the babies and some wrap them in cloth and hang them on trees. She even recalled a story where she heard a child cry for three days and on the third day, the baby passed away and she wasn't even able to find it.

She couldn’t put herself together when she tried to save one baby when she caught one mother giving birth by the river and threw her baby on the raging waters. Uton was too late but she gave the baby a humane burial. The actress that played her and her sister was so realistic and moving, they gave authority to tell what …

Even The Angels Think “What The Hell?” | The Worst Situations Are Happening in the World | Where Do You Stand | Part 2

[Part 1]
Creation versus Evolution. An endless debate but I’m 50-50 basing on views that I’ve accumulated through the years but greatly leaning towards creation because I believe stronger in my faith than believing my ancestors were hanging from the trees.

Go Green. I love it when people are so active in saving the environment. We’ve never been of great help to Earth than now where companies and individuals like you and me put are acts together in an ambitious attempt to regain the beauty of living in the planet way back when.

Survey Calls. They are legal and they benefit you either it improves the products and services that you use or they are used by politicians to gather enough pulse from the public which may affect you or your family. But most importantly it shows that the companies or the government you have a connection with, makes an effort to let you know they care and that whatever you say matters. Would it hurt to be not a jerk once in awhile?

Church and State should be separat…

Even The Angels Think “What The Hell?” | The Worst Situations Are Happening in the World | Where Do You Stand | Part 1

ARE YOU MAD? You should be.

What is happening with the world?

DUI. People are driving under the influence, they’re planning to legalize marijuana, and there’s this spark about the minimum legal drinking age.

Piracy. We are downloading music and software illegally or buying pirated ones.

Animal Abuse. People start eating dogs, cats, whales and rabbits. How could you even dare to do that? Or maybe involve them in carnage like underground dog fighting or gruesome bull and dog fighting. What happened to racing them?

Kidnapping, car napping, people are grabbing whatever they can.

Media. Media biased and brainwashing everyone, dictating us what to know and giving us all the reasons to spread hatred on almost everything; and then they bitch about censorship which I think is good because media like anything else needs responsibility. Watch the news and judge for yourself.

art by redbullfan13

Smoking and Drugs. People are smoking either to look cool or for health reasons. Smoking has been proven to…

Humans can now re-grow fingers, How Brainwashing works and what the hell ‘oxymoron’ means |’s best articles

Humans can now re-grow fingersWhen a hobby-store owner in Cincinnati sliced off his fingertip in 2005 while showing a customer why the motor on his model plane was dangerous, he went to the emergency room without the missing tip. He couldn't find it anywhere. Months later, he had regrown it, tissue, nerves, skin, fingernail and all.  Read more how.How brainwashing worksThe brainwasher must have complete control over the target  so that sleep patterns, eating, using the bathroom and the fulfillment of other basic human needs depend on the will of the agent. Learn more.What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jumped into it?You would oscillate back and forth like this forever. Read more.What is an oxymoron?An oxymoron is a combination of words that contradict each other. Here are some of our favorites. virtual reality original copy old news act naturallypretty ugly living dead Learn more ‘oxymoron’ What the hell are palindromes?Palindromes are word…

Stop Abortion | Go Adoption

Just recently I was able to read a very alarming essay from Burn Magazine online. It talked about a case of teenage pregnancy which is very personal to me.“The one who got me pregnant was my cousin. He is not my boyfriend. In one bed, there are three of us…I am the only girl beside two boys…The one who got me pregnant is my cousin who is 13 years old. When I sleep, I really do not feel anything….When I woke up I felt…I wondered why my opening was painful.” Those are words from Jessica, 16 years old,  Quezon City, Philippines.Children are everywhere, tangible evidence of the city’s teenage pregnancy problem. Every year, 13 out of 100 girls aged between 15 and 19 of the Filipino population get pregnant. Health care for Manila’s urban poor is almost nonexistent, while opportunities to learn about contraception in this strictly Catholic country are rare.Abortion in whatever way you see is never the right thing to do but if you would want a better life for the both of you, it is however be…

Facebook for good | My online posters for the causes I join in Facebook

Feel free to spread them or modify as you deem necessary. I hope I made my point against abortion, animal abuse, and ignoring non-sense evil politics.