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Awesome Opening Activities for Nutrition Month 2013!

Cebu get ready for an awesome month of wellness and life! 

Let's celebrate the Nutrition Month by dropping by at Ayala Center Cebu July 1, 2013 5PM for a Zumba Fitness Session sponsored by the National Nutrition Council Region VII! 

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Assuming A Greater Challenge: NNCRVII Appoints New Champions to Causes

I have always used my social media influence to promote awesome things: from great personal reflections, to events with a blast; but what I'm most notable for is my inclination towards anything for social good. 

So it comes as no surprise that I became part of one of the fastest emerging organization of media practitioners in Cebu assembled by the National Nutrition Council that would help sustain efforts for nutrition campaigns, advocacy and events.

Malnutrition is one of the effects of poverty that has been putting the country at bay in terms of human and economic advancement.

MEDIA INFORMATION NETWORK FOR NUTRITION AND DEVELOPMENT 7 (MIND 7) has been involved with projects and events that NNC Region 7 has been fighting for these past few years.

Yours truly, was just entrusted the position as Secretary and was blessed enough to land in a national daily via coverage by Ms. Cheryl Baldicantos of Manila Bulletin. As I assume a new responsibility, I promise to do everything in my pow…

Beyond Statistics: Award-Winning Ways of Battling Malnutrition in Negros Oriental

Much has been said about what the government has been doing in addressing issues the Filipino has been plagued all this time, poverty. 

One side effect poverty brings is the prevalence of malnutrition and, at times, untimely death of mothers and children in the far flung areas. A sad fact that not all of us in the city are affected on a daily basis. After seeing how the municipalities and the whole province of Bohol last year worked together to alleviate the lives of their constituents, this year was yet another exposure to the pride of the East, Negros Oriental.

It could never make me any happier to be able to reach out to the people whose lives changed because of the interventions placed by the public leaders, as I get to see the municipalities in Negros Oriental with so much hope.

Why should I care? You might ask. 

Simple. We are Filipinos. We are Christians. 
After God, we value lives especially of our own people more than anything else. We need to walk the talk. In addition, city pro…

How Bohol Takes Nutrition Up a Notch

The government’s Nutrition Programs are aimed at improving the health status of the whole citizenship, you included, by ensuring that the intervention programs are implemented properly at the local level.  
It is so easy to ignore good news regarding these but every time you complain about how corrupt and useless the government is, you are doing more harm to yourself and may I remind you that by doing so, you exclude yourself from the fact that you are accountable for your own country's affair as well. Paying taxes is not enough, if you defend your contributions. 
By being toxic, you undermine the efforts of thousands who work in the government and the civic society who do so much good for this world in a day than you what you could ever do in a lifetime. Life and health is the most important aspect of all. In the midst of implementations, it would be worth looking at what the multi-awarded Bohol's Local Government Units are actually doing to help mitigate hunger and malnutritio…

2011 Grand Nutrition Awards recognizes the Best Nutrition Practices in the Region

In its mission to give credit the best nutrition efforts to our unsung heroes, the barangay health workers, scholars, action planners, government officials and volunteers, The Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team just presented the winners of the Grand Nutrition Awards.

These programs are being implemented by various local government units last year. The evaluation covered four provinces, 15 cities, 16 municipalities and 102 barangays in Region VII.

The committee selected Bohol as the Most Outstanding Province.

Toledo City, Cebu, won the Most Outstanding City in the Region.

Jagna, Bohol, took home the Most Outstanding Municipality in the Region.

Tubigon, Bohol is this year's Consistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (CROWN) Maintenance Award.

Dumaguete City is awarded as the Most Promising City.

But the Best Nutrition Practice or Project was given to Bais City for their Free Ozonized Water for Indigent People.

Ms. Lidia I. Gabaisen is this year's Most Outstanding Brgy. Nutr…

Cebu media officially assembles to fight malnutrition | 1st MIND 7 General Assembly

Finding champions to educate and promote proper nutrition in the country, MIND 7 was conceived through the efforts of the National Nutritional Council (NNC) Region 7.

Our government has acknowledged the need for the media sector to empower their efforts in fighting the biggest wars we have been facing, poverty and malnutrition because a healthy nation is wealthy in many ways.

And what better way to realize that vision than through gathering top stakeholders from every media organization to easily disseminate and organize different efforts to address these issues.

MIND 7 has come a long way from the first meeting we had.

MIND 7 actually stands for Media Information Network for Nutrition and Development for Region 7.

The first meeting conceived was in Crown Regency where PIOs, journalists and media practioners including yours truly graced the first Consultative Meeting in finding out ways on how we can fight poverty through showcasing community health practices.

Read more about the first …

Awesome MIND 7 Officers formally inducted to promote nutrition

Media and Information Network on Nutrition (MIND) Region 7 has just elected a set of officers last December. After the yours truly, Jaysee Blabs, attended the Consultative Meeting with Media and Public Information Officers, plans were drafted as to how we can address poverty and malnutrition in a region wide campaign. 

More about the formulation of program proposals can be read here:

We had a fellowship night last January 13, 2011 at the Rajah Park Hotel in Cebu City where the president Mr. Jun Tagalog said that the groups plan to help government combat the continuing problem of malnutrition among children.

The plan includes special plugs to be aired on television and radio on nutrition-related matters while print media is expected to come out with sketches and feature articles with the current actions of the NNC7.

There was an opening production number featuring the Sinulog dance followed by the invoca…