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Trailblazing Trinidad at Bewitching Bohol

There is a sleepy town in Bohol, a place tourists have unlikely paid a visit. It is beautiful in every way and I suggest you head there when you have the time. The friendly smiles, the serenity that overpowers the place, it is a place where you get to know more about your self than you ever did while you were in the city.

And if you know a local, you will be taken to trails and picturesque beaches that you only get to read on romance novels. Armed with nothing but my trusty sunblock, Crocs and camera, I got to meet wonderful people from the Trinidad Bohol Municipal Hall and Trinidad Municipal College.

Thank you Charles and the Sumatra family for the wonderful accommodation. I have never been so happy to be in the island I can call my second home.

How to get there? From Cebu get a ticket at Pier 1 bound for Getafe. From there, get a jeepney ride to Trinidad Bohol. Be sure to have booked your accommodation first. A quick Google search will give you places to go.

Just how beautiful the p…

A Great New Way to Support Countryside Entrepreneurial Activities @swcebu @swbohol @dost_pagasa

THE Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST-ICT Office), is again supporting Startup Weekend Cebu (SWC) which will be on its fourth staging come June 6-8 at the University of Cebu (UC) Banilad campus.

Startup Weekend Cebu 4, organized by and DOST-ICT Office and supported by Cebu Educational Development Foundation for IT (CEDF-IT), is aimed at generating breakthrough ideas from tech communities in the Visayas region.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour competition where developers, designers, marketers, technopreneurs, and venture capitalists come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startup businesses.
The concept, which started in the U.S., is a global movement to empower young entrepreneurs to nurture their innovative ideas into becoming sustainable businesses.

The event gathers experts and practitioners from different fields of business to mentor the participants as they launch their concepts …

Look At These Awesome Instagram-Ready Sunrise Photos

It's no secret to travel agencies around the world that Philippines is home to the most exotic destinations in Asia today. If beaches and the tropics are your cup of tea, then you will find Bohol, one of the islands in the Archipelago, a delight. 

Aside from the pristine resorts and exciting adventure sites, Bohol has a lot of virgin shores that seduces you to bathe under the sun all day long. But the day we stayed at Panglao was perfect for someone, who like me, is not much of a fan of blistering summer heat. 

It was alluringly gloomy and it had brought the white soft powder sands that kind of beauty you won't get anywhere else; a charm that could inspire poets and writers alike to dedicate a line or two to the seamless sea horizon, cool winds that whispers age-old secrets, meek starfishes judging your every movement, and some weird sand holes forming little craters God knows what pinching or stinging small sea creature made them.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and …

2012 Grand Nutrition Awards Showcase Nation’s Champions of Health and Livelihood

It is really hard to appreciate the government amid reports of corruption by the media and the fact that we see the unending cycle of poverty right at our own backyard every single day. But with my exposure with government programs and NGOs, I have come to gain a newfound love for anything awesome that our people do to make something good. That is why it has been my mission to report positive initiatives, enterprises and projects that make a difference.
And another testament to that was when I attended the 8th Regional Nutrition Action Officer’s Congress where officials and government staff from all over Region VII gather to convene on how to implement projects better and the Grand Nutrition Awards 2012 where recognition is given to the developments and local government units that had done exemplary performance by exceeding the metrics set by the National Nutrition Council.

The Grand Nutrition Awards, as explained by Ms. Melinda Canares, are based through “program efficiency” that dea…

Awesome Splashes of Flippin' Fun

Babes, dudes, beer, food and lots of Wake Boarding turned the once beautifully sluggish shorelines of the Pandanon Island into an adrenaline-pumping having as a venue for the opening of a splashin' good sporting event of the year. The music and the dynamic host blasts through megawatts of audible power as people go about having a great time all over while waiting for the main event to happen.

Yours truly was exultant to be part of the opening ceremony and kick-off competition with boarders, from all over the country and in Asia, flocking to the newly-opened water park! 
There is something about this competitive sport that truly amazes each and one of us. The hang time players do as they effortlessly lift themselves doing death-flouting flips is just worth of every applause. It’s more than just what makes them defy the natural laws of man being unmade for flight; they do so in slow motion and after much momentum, they take advantage of the gravitational pull as they go down and make…

How Bohol Takes Nutrition Up a Notch

The government’s Nutrition Programs are aimed at improving the health status of the whole citizenship, you included, by ensuring that the intervention programs are implemented properly at the local level.  
It is so easy to ignore good news regarding these but every time you complain about how corrupt and useless the government is, you are doing more harm to yourself and may I remind you that by doing so, you exclude yourself from the fact that you are accountable for your own country's affair as well. Paying taxes is not enough, if you defend your contributions. 
By being toxic, you undermine the efforts of thousands who work in the government and the civic society who do so much good for this world in a day than you what you could ever do in a lifetime. Life and health is the most important aspect of all. In the midst of implementations, it would be worth looking at what the multi-awarded Bohol's Local Government Units are actually doing to help mitigate hunger and malnutritio…