Live Blog: #PeaceHack an Event Soon To Change Philippines Forever

Imagine a world where we don't have to cower in fear. Ever.

Our country alone has its fair share of violence and the worst part is each side thinks he's doing the "right" thing.

The rebels think they are fighting for a cause. The robbers think they are feeding their family. The terrorists instilling fear in the world to awaken society. It's a shady world we live in but I just got to hand out how villains are made. And a part of me was awakened when I have learned about a tech event that takes the world of peacekeeping into something scalable, accessible and most of all effective. The usage of technology and the internet in general has changed our lives dramatically and wind sweeping every economy, culture and movements. Learn how it can change yours.

#PeaceHackPH, an event that has sprouted in different parts of the globe that has enabled thinkers, designers and engineers to create apps and similar innovations that help nations in conflict have a chance at peace.

We are aware of the MILF, NPA, and most recently the coalition of drug empires cleaning up their ranks of untrusted pushers and pinning it down to trump today's government efforts.
Today, we are never safe. Heck, safety is an illusion we tell ourselves to get rid of fear from going about our daily mundane lives. But we all know what’s up we just either turn the other cheek or wait until it hits us like Miley’s ball.

In a world of sheep, we are being herded by wolves clothed in our carcass.

Those times we sweat up our backs from the humid jeepneys, or enter a crowded mall where everyone retreats for some cool air from the punishing heat wave outside just to justify our senseless window shopping habits, or even as we flicker our eyes from the enchanting REM dreams we are having in our very own homes… people (whose vision, execution and methods are far more unalike from our concept of what is right and just) are constantly at work.

They are currently
  • procuring arms for their next encounter,
  • devising the next train explosion,
  • gearing up for the next random drive-by shooting,
  • stalking at expats who’ll fit the bill for the next hostage drama,
  • laundering their way to vast fortune thereby emptying this nation’s hard earned coffers which could’ve been a new home from our Haiyan-struck lands,
  • planning to nuke a small country for coveting a small island,
  • mapping out the next tourist bus to take over and flaunt our security forces’ incompetence for all the world to see,
  • or despicably hacking their way to Malacanang servers to assassinate our man physically or for now, perceptibly.

Bystander Effect

Need I say more to show how worse we have become? Now you ask me why we should care. Seeing the faces of the victims plastered on the media and our NewsFeeds, did you ever stop to ask, “that could’ve been me.” Guess not. Why?

Because we may belittle our capacities as ordinary citizens to take action and change the world, or we may just be very busy trying to get by or make a living, or yet we have soiled our psychological innards with thoughts that we are better where we are.

I myself am guilty of the bystander effect every now and then. That may be the reason why I will be forever grateful and awestruck with the efforts non-profits and government sectors do to ease societal dilemma just like a hero who goes on excessive skirmishes to save his community from giant freaks.

That analogy actually makes the rest of us the bystanding townfolks who die along the course of the tale. I’ve been told that we could be captains of our own ships, heroes of our sagas, but then hardships of life has seemingly humbled us with so much discouragements that most of the nation has decided that they will never amount to anything and gave up trying.

That is what this #PeaceHackPH is for.

To give the power back to the Filipino people. 
To let us do something collectively in order to move nations massively.


This global event which is currently happening live here in Manila, Philippines has a lot of guns along its belt. (pun intended)

Previous hackathons in Barcelona, Beirut, London and Washington DC has produced some great applications like:

  • London: a refreshing Tinder-style app to help connect with your neighbours, the other an online platform for people to find community events
  • Washington DC: intuitive an early warning app that uses big data to notify local orgs when public emotion changes towards a certain group, as in London, to help with community cohesion
  • Beirut: comprehensive wiki for Syrian refugees where important info can be readily shared
  • Barcelona: enables Syrian refugees to privately and securely geo-locate their contacts

Given the world-class pool of talent here in the Philippines’ capital, I am just in the edge of my seat of what these kids could come up with by tomorrow.

It’s freaking dead silent here and everyone is on their laptops unaware of the fact that they are making the biggest digital footprint that will soon change the way civilizations work in the future.

The rules are simple. Create a functional prototype that aims to Perceive, Educate, Alert, Communicate and Engage stakeholders in the nation's peacekeeping process. Top that and you may just bring home P50,000 in grand prize, P30,000 for the 2nd and P20,000 for the third one. Sponsored by Smart.

I’ll keep you guys updated. As for now, I’m off to do projects until the caffeine lasts. I don’t mind bumming over here at the quirky co-working space in Makati even if I was up all night after a barrage of business analysis work from my graveyard job as long as I get to be part of the future.

Thank you to International Alert for making things happen and for as long as I safely live, I will be forever by your side.

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