How to Create a #BetterWorld For Pawikans in 2 Minutes

The Pawikans have been on earth more than most of us ever did, and ever will. And we owe it to them to preserve their species since we are the very reason why they've become extinct. And ordinary people like you and me don't have to go through extraordinary lengths to make that happen because some people have taken it to their hearts to do just that.

Have you known that they actually imprint on the sands where they have hatched and will go back after a very long time to lay eggs even after circumnavigating the world? That's an unmatched loyalty you can't even compare to your last ex. Joking aside, the least we could do now is to either continue going through our little lives or support the people who takes care of creatures too meek to even defend themselves. That's exerting effort in a cause bigger than themselves.

I'm telling you the story of Aboitiz Foundation's efforts to save the breeding ground of these magnificent creatures.

PIA reports:

The Aboitiz Foundation has launched a campaign that aims to raise funds for the protection and preservation of the critically endangered hawksbill turtle in Punta Dumalag, Davao City, one of the last few remaining natural habitats for species of its kind. 
Entitled “#BetterWorld for the Pawikans”, the fundraising drive will not only secure the sanctuary for the hawksbill turtles but also spread greater public awareness on how everyone can help to ensure its survival amid climate change and environmental degradation.

To take part in creating a BetterWorld for the pawikans, visit and click the 'Donate' button. Use #BetterWorld in your social media posts to show your support for the cause. 

Now, busy working class of the Philippines, let's get to work putting this country back on track, one effortless action at a time.

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