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Trailblazing Trinidad at Bewitching Bohol

There is a sleepy town in Bohol, a place tourists have unlikely paid a visit. It is beautiful in every way and I suggest you head there when you have the time. The friendly smiles, the serenity that overpowers the place, it is a place where you get to know more about your self than you ever did while you were in the city.

And if you know a local, you will be taken to trails and picturesque beaches that you only get to read on romance novels. Armed with nothing but my trusty sunblock, Crocs and camera, I got to meet wonderful people from the Trinidad Bohol Municipal Hall and Trinidad Municipal College.

Thank you Charles and the Sumatra family for the wonderful accommodation. I have never been so happy to be in the island I can call my second home.

How to get there? From Cebu get a ticket at Pier 1 bound for Getafe. From there, get a jeepney ride to Trinidad Bohol. Be sure to have booked your accommodation first. A quick Google search will give you places to go.

Just how beautiful the p…

Cebu #Startup Weekend 2014 Champions Aspiring Entrepreneurs @swcebu @CebuBizMonth

Everyone who are willing to build up businesses, aspiring marketers and passionate entrepreneurs whether with technical or non-technical background, from students to professionals to retired persons who have a passion to build a business or desire to learn how, or anyone who are established business persons looking for technology partners are encouraged to be part of the community of startup enthusiasts, who gather together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch start-ups.

The University of Cebu (UC) – Banilad Campus will play host to the fourth leg of Startup Weekend Cebu (SWC) slated on June 6, 7 and 8, 2014 at 6:30PM to 10:00PM.
The 54-hour event starts with an “open mic” pitching of business ideas on Friday night, wherein attendees are urged to bring out their ideas and inspire others who are present to join or make their team.

Each team should focus on:

customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viab…

Marvelous Movenpick Fantastic Friends #summer

When in Cebu and is still trying to scour through last minute summer escapades with family or friends, then you may want to check out one of the cutest hotel around. Modern chic furniture against bright inviting color schemes makes Movenpick Hotel Mactan one of the best vacation spots complete with a beautiful small beachline, well-kept green open spaces and pools to die for. Almost quite literally.

Did I mention that they glow at night giving you that out-of-this-world experience as we did when we watched the Avatar 3D? They have a little waterfall that leads to the beach too. The rooms where spacious and sterile enough to accommodate all our mischief. The beds, ah, make you sleep to coma.

We thank the Movenpick Hotel Mactan staff for responding into every request we had and to lovable Melcah who all brought us there.

Enough chit chat, indulge in some snaps.

Thanks to my baby bro Kevin and Lloydie for the photo shoot!

So give M√∂venpick Hotel Mactan Mactan Mactan Mactan, the 2014 Trip…

My MBA Diaries: Awesome Takes on Filipino Entrepreneurship

The Filipino Entrepreneur The observed characteristics of the Filipino entrepreneur is very much alike to the Eastern philosophy of yin and yang: someone who has strengths and weakness. It is no secret that the successes of today's wealthiest Filipino businessmen was largely influenced by their traits, values and experiences as they rise above their adversities in life and did what they have to do to survive. They have turned their negative practices and attitudes into entrepreneurial assets.

It is very relevant to my life in a sense that we all need role models growing up and learning the ropes of entrepreneurship.

With the current business climate, it makes sense to learn from the best to be the best. 
Industry’s key players could be a rich source of information if you wish to be one of them some day. Their frugality, self-discipline and undying thirst for learning, made them accumulate wealth in the process.

Henry Sy, the Philippine’s top retail magnate has grown his investments…

Know someone or an org doing awesome stuff for the country? 6th RAFI Triennial Awards

May we invite you to nominate individuals and institutions to the 6th RAFI Triennial Awards.

The awards program aims to recognize people and organizations who have committed themselves to building a more humane, equitable and caring society.  

It is given in 2 categories: the Ramon Aboitiz Award for Exemplary Individual and the Eduardo Aboitiz Award for Outstanding Institution.

The Ramon Aboitiz Award for Exemplary Individual is open to every Filipino, natural born or naturalized citizen, at least 30 years old, and of good moral character whose dedication to their profession has made significant contributions to the advancement of the well-being of fellow Filipinos.  The Eduardo Aboitiz Award for Outstanding Institution is open to all institutions or organizations. They may be government organizations, non-government organizations, civic organizations, or people’s organizations, which have been established for at least three years, with functional programs and work with other groups in…

CCCI Awesome Schedule of Activities Cebu #Business Month 2014 @CebuBizMonth

Organizers of Cebu Business Month 2014 has set the Grand Opening Salvo of this year’s Cebu Business Month this Friday, May 30, 2014 at 4:00PM at The Terraces in Ayala Center Cebu.

Cebu Business Month features a month-long series of events geared towards inspiring more successes in the Cebu Business Community. CBM is organized and held annually by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

In the opening festivity, highlights of the CBM 2014 activities will then be introduced together with the official declaration of CBM 2014’s grand opening.  After which, a fantastic fireworks display will be held followed by a concert by the Zee Band and Rave Party.

CBM 2014 carries the theme “ASEAN 2015 and Beyond” and offers “Big and Bold” highlighted activities that will spark to the growth of Cebu’s businesses towards global competitiveness.  These activities focus on CCCI’s major thrusts, which include ICT & Business Process Management (BPM), Tourism and Investment Promotion, Entrepren…

Moving To A Greater City

The short trip here in Manila with my siblings a few weeks ago was the precursor to the series of events that followed and the dreams that formed. I never said goodbye to anyone. Well, except for my family and my lola. There is something about goodbyes that just isn't me. I'm more of a 'see you soon' type of person. Maybe it is my defense mechanism as I've lost a lot of people in the past, but still, I just don't do well with emotions.

After being scheduled for a work interview, I just thought of packing my bags immediately and contacted my cousins if I could live with them. I could never be more thankful to God for blessing me a wonderful family here. For the first time in my life, I am in a place where love and respect is just overflowing.

I have prepared my whole life for the hardships of living here and I'm the one who actually goes out to make it happen when I decide to do something. People were shocked. Even I was shocked. But then there is nothing mo…

Exploring Manic Manila via @AirAsiaPH

Thanks to Ms Cathe, Mommy Mafe, Ms Doris and the marketing team of AirAsia Philippines, my siblings and I flew to Manila last May 2 to 5, 2014 compliments from the fastest growing quality airline. It was one trip for the books. An amazing one indeed.

All great journeys start with a single step and ours started with the plane itself. I can't begin to say that the whole travel experience was awesome and sharing it with my troublesome siblings made our bond stronger. 

The booking might have taken a long time to get approved but it was worth the wait anyway. I admire their unobtrusive and clean website design and as my sister went to the airport branch to claim the tickets days ahead our flight date, she reminded me of how courteous they were to her. The special day came and the check-in experience was a breeze. As we boarded the plane, we were greeted by the prettiest flight attendants to date. We departed and arrived a few minutes before our scheduled time, a feat that a few lines c…