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A Dying Man's Wish

We are not strong.

I am sorry to disappoint you, world but we are not as “resilient” as what you may have heard of us. You can’t just say that we had this crisis because we are "strong people."  

When the greatest storm of biblical magnitude comes crashing in, you’ve got nowhere to run, the strength we once know just… disappears.
Nothing will ever discount the pain brought about when our towns got awashed like an ant thrown into a tumbling industrial washing machine. If developed nations took a considerable amount of time to recover, imagine a small country like ours suffering hundred times more.

No one could ever be prepared enough for the tragedy that took the lives of hundreds of thousands and one heart of our nation.

An expat stormchaser recounts the last days of Tacloban as a sea of water where, moments later, lit up the dark sky as the remnants of the city went afire.

Where were you as a child got torn away my arms by ravaging waters finger by finger? Where were you as a …

How to save babies during calamities #haiyan #yolanda

During emergency situations, disease and death rates among children under-five are generally higher than for any other age group. The younger the infant, the higher the risk. 
Focusing on the appropriate feeding of infants and young children can reduce the risk of malnutrition and mortality.
During the first six months of life, no other food or liquid is usually required to meet the nutritional requirements of an infant other than breast milk. As these requirements change, complementary foods are subsequently needed. Under normal circumstances, infants who are not breastfed for the first six months are five times more likely to die from pneumonia and fourteen times more likely to die from diarrhea than infants who are exclusively breastfed. The valuable protection from infection and its consequences that breast milk provides is all the more important in environments without safe water supply and sanitation.

There is a common misconception that in emergencies, many mothers can no longer…


Cebu’s premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination, Ayala Center Cebu and Earthday Jam Foundation Inc., bring you the first leg of the Earthday Jam Tour 2013 this November.

On November 23, 5pm at the Ayala Terraces, catch the launch of the 2013 Clean Air Concert to mark the month-long Clean Air celebration by Earthday Jam Foundation and DENR in a series of Earthday Jam concerts.

The country's biggest concert for a cause is back with ethnic, reggae and alternative artists such as Bambu Spliff, Dance With Me Kris and Kaliftra with Rivermaya, Nina, Lou and her band, Noel Cabangon and Karel Marquez.
Earthday Jam Tour will also feature local non-government organization partners, DENR Cebu and educational organizations and supporters in the series of events. The program will highlight environmental documentaries, animated music videos, booths, demonstrations and trivia segments with various prizes and environmental citations. Admission is free.

For more information, contact A…

The Island That Made Me Rethink My Whole Life

You can only miss a bountiful island so much and I certainly do for one of the most well-preserved ecological areas in the country today.

Claiming that Danjugan Island is home to Philippine's best marine and terrestrial biodiversity is an understatement.

There's so many exciting activities to crush out on your list once you check in this island. Go birdwatching at a watchtower at the Island's highest point, check out rare amazing sea eagles in flight and run after extinct taboo scrub fowls at the shrubs which I'm pretty sure you don't know as well. Go diving if you're a hardcore hobbyist or there's snorkeling for amateurs like me and swim your way to the mind-numbing beauty of the ocean floor with the anemones and various fishes gracefully dancing to a rhythm mere mortals like us would never get to hear.

Food is served in a communal pavilion overlooking the pristine lake that runs toward the open ocean and don't worry about carbon footprint since you onl…