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Cataliya Thai Spa Cebu the best relaxing escape thru

A great way to reward yourself is to have a full body massage and nothing could make you feel any better than having your tired burnt out muscles being kneaded and rubbed professionally.There is a great place here in Cebu where you can try some authentic Thai Massage and it's not that a far drive when you're in the city.

You An Artist? Create the LASER Mascot and get a chance to win 10,000 pesos

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I used to scribble around characters of Fushigi Yuggi in 6th grade using charcoal and some shading. I then turned to landscape watercolor artworks then did some cray pas here and there. That is why it comes as no surprise that I work as a web designer because art was just that close to my heart.

I've done some branding and marketing projects for a lot of clients and for my organizations. Basically a new project of an industrious organization excites me so much. 

Join Visayas Blogging Summit 2011 for FREE and be awesome!

Blogging for personal advancement, networking, business, governance, advocacy and culture. 
Online publishing could do so much than present a new style of storytelling, engaging audience, interacting with fans, friends, supporters, concerned citizens, clients or potential ones.

In fact,  28% of the Fortune 500's blogs link to Twitter accounts and 5  of the top 10 companies have public blogs: Wal-Mart, Chevron, General Motors, Ford, and Bank of America. Why so? Because blogs have the power to reach a wider audience and they are able to communicate and market their brands, products and services with a small investment.

Something good is coming for Starcraft 2 and DoTA players in Cebu

Community-based organizations can have a greater impact on their issues by joining forces and building collaborations. Yes, Cebu cyber games scene is about to change. With great events that showcase the awesome hobbies and penchant for anime and gaming.

There’s the AI Love, Otaku Fest, Cosmosis, ComicCon, Aishiteru Fantasy Cosplay, Satin Eclipse, Cosplay Tournament of the Champions II, HobCon, DoTA Tournaments, StarCraft 2 Tournaments and this Saturday… the ArchCon 2011 at the Sacred Heart School - Jesuit Gym, Gen. Maxilom Ave.!

My Amazing YMA Season 5 Experience in a nutshell

Before I got into Young Minds Academy (YMA), I was the type of person who doesn't even care about my community.I always thought that the concern I have for my country was enough and that all the hardships of growing up poor should suffice to my passivity at present.

But when I was introduced to the program by an alumnus,I felt so deeply touched by the fact that I can actually do much for others without the need of being in power.

I was given the chance to be an architect of change as we try to understand how projects are developed to alleviate the communities we are tasked to serve.

Bag of Dreams gives more than 2,000 Talisay kids school supplies

Cebu’s Ateneo Graduate School students to raise P500T to provide poor kids with school supplies

In a bid to donate thousands of school bags and educational supplies to public school students, the Business Communication class of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business-Cebu campus will raise half a million pesos through their “A Bag of Dreams” charity campaign class project.

The 2,407 students of San Roque Elementary School in Talisay City, Cebu were chosen to benefit from the campaign, which was launched last month in partnership with the Cebu Arts Foundation Incorporated.


What was launched in Manila last February 2011 has now arrived in Cebu to deliver great experiences coupled with great value.
Whoever said, “You can’t have everything at a good price,” has definitely not tried Groupon. This online portal offers daily deals on the best stuff to do, see, eat and buy in the city, minus the hefty price tag.

Groupon does its magic on the internet with the introduction of an ingenious concept called “collective buying,” wherein the website offers huge discounts and buyers band together to purchase an item or experience. 

RAFI collaborates with 10 groups for youth development

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) inked a partnership agreement with six civil society organizations and four local government unitsfor the project development phase of the Young Minds Academy (YMA) Season 5, RAFI’s youth leadership and citizenship development program.

The agreement was signed together with the YMA scholars last Aug. 2 at the Bryant George Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) of RAFI.

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Tubó Cane Juice and Tibiao Fish Spa to spoil your stressed self

Cebu! Make way for the affordable healthiest drink yet! Just imagine fresh sugar cane juice right where you buy it! 

Sugarcane juice is more or less sweet and is scientifically proven to restore strength and prevent dehydration. It is even recommended for diabetic patients and the presence of alkaline help you prevent cancer. 

Very lucrative business indeed, innovative, and has no known competitors, Tubó Cane Juice is envisioned to expand to more malls and food court spaces.

A kiosk is located in Parkmall Cebu for you to try nature's goodness! I got the chance to sip in the flavored one, Tubó Mansi which was very zesty!

Win an iPad 2 for FREE just by registering at

Image which is handled by an all Cebuano team operates on key cities in the country with only one mission: to give great deals to Filipinos who best deserves them.They just recently launched their site and rocked the Philippine internet scene with a new entry point on the eCommerce industry.

As if the deals they give are not enough for an opening, they are now raffling away an iPad 2 IF THEY ARE ABLE TO GATHER A TARGET OF 2000 new email subscribers to their newsletter and Facebook Fan Page fans. Joining is so easy and so free!

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Bob Marlin Restaurant in Parkmall Cool Jamaican Themed Interiors and Awesome Pinoy Food

There is a new place in town where friends and family could groove to some chillin Jamaican beats paired with equally awesome Pinoy food. 

Restaurants in Cebu try to beat each other in concept and Bob Marlin in Parkmall Cebu is just one rockin’ resto at that. The interiors show familiar imagery of the Rastafarians and portrait art of Bob Marley (hence the name) but very tastefully done which does not alienate people who can’t appreciate indie art (like your grandma or your mom). But enough about that.

Let me dish out the details on what’s serving this hot house in Parkmall Cebu.

ARCHCon 2011 Starcraft 2 Tournament challenges hardcore gamers to the next level

Do you have what it takes to conquer the Koprulu Sector? Is your team the one who'll bring down the Frozen Throne and lay waste to the World Tree? 

Join us as Gamevolution, Inc. (GVI) proudly announces our participation in ARCHCon 2011. Hosting this year's Starcraft 2 Open Invitational showcasing Cebu's top players, featuring the return of Steelheart (World Cyber Games 2007 PH Champion and International Finalist). 

Get a chance to battle it all out and show your mettle against the pros and against your peers.

Making Money Work For You

The Money Summit and Wealth Expo in Waterfront Cebu definitely blew my mind out of proportions when it comes to money. 

Staying at that ballroom for two days, humbled me and opened a whole new world of opportunities and busted a lot of myths and misconceptions that has hindered me to maximize the power of  these opportunities after all these years.

In a nutshell, I have learned different ways to earn massive, passive income from real business and investment experts themselves. I have learned about Simple Super Strategy for Stocks, How to Become an E-Commerce Super Seller, Quick Profits in Foreclosures, and Getting Started with Multiple Sources of Passive Income. There were a lot of speakers actually with lots more topics but I can only work out a few because of my work schedule.

The focus of this year’s Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2011 is about earning massive passive income. Passive income means earning money that works for you not the other way around. To give you an gist it revolve…

Radisson Blu Not Just World-Class Rooms But Serving Great Food

I used to talk a lot hence the name of the blog, but not, when my mouth is full, let alone with really gooooood food. It only happens once in a while such as dining at one of the fastest rising hotel in Cebu City, Radisson Blu.

That is why it comes naturally that they are the most popular choice to hold conventions and social functions aside from the great interiors and world-class services. 

To convince you how awesome their food is from appetizers, main course dishes, cakes, pastries, breads and everything else, I'm not gonna say anything more but induce waterfall formations in your mouth with loads of photos!

The Coriander: Unique World-class Indian Singaporean Cuisine and Gelateria

The Coriander Celebrating Asian Food Culture and Lifestyle

Eat the food and digest the culture of what is Singapore and its neighbors.

The Coriander by Chef Sheldon has once again re-invented its cuisine to deeper emphasize Chef Sheldon Jega's creative culinary roots and the food that he grew up eating and cooking.

Age-old recipes passed down from family and close friend have always been the focus of the ever evolving cuisine.

My Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival Experience

I was just too blessed that my family received tickets for the Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival we didn't have to burn a lot of cash of flying abroad just to get the thrill of seeing the capitalistic success of a mouse, world's greatest creative conglomerate.

Right after rendering overtime on a Saturday night, September 23rd, I immediately went to the Casa Gorordo to grace the invitation of the Kabataan, Kultura ug Kabilin event. Then my family rung me up to come on over to Waterfront Cebu as the VIP tickets from the organizers were already in their hands, thanks to our dad who worked for the organizer's international logistics needs.

I just could not describe the excitement I felt as I rush my way from the cab and rushed unto the hotel’s entrance. There was just this air of fancy around as you see families flock all over with items showing the iconic figures of the Disney characters. I immediately saw them and we were guided to our seats by an usher into the darkened b…