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Jaysee's Influential Bloggers for 2011

Blogging is the best thing that ever happened to the internet because not only has it allowed for locally generated content to reach a global audience but actually extended the beauty of everyday living to a wider readership, rather than just scribbling on our own private journals.Because the world deserves to hear our story, let me share to you a few links to the best blogs of this year for me as I roundup my blogging friends for the Influential Bloggers 2011. - Speaks of the untold stories of people who live on the streets. This is a blog of my best friend, Rolly, as he journeys with our brothers and sisters who are underprivileged! - About the what goes on in the mind of my buddy, Jigz. - The misadventures and life tips from my soul sister, Irish. She might've spilled some beans on her newfound inspiration too! - Titled "Kawainess" for anythi…

Living on a dime for a day | YMA Social Discovery Walk

Yours truly has been undergoing a lot of experiential training all over Cebu and attending sessions in the Plenary Hall of the Eduardo Aboitiz Development Studies Center (EADSC) as part of my scholarship program under the Young Minds Academy (YMA).It is a one-of-a-kind leadership training program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI). And what better way to teach us about nation-building and community development than through actually letting us go through impoverished living.

That is why RAFI went all and beyond to organize a new module that encompassed a wide venue and this time it’s not in a controlled environment such as a university, amphitheater, campsite or a resort as we used to but in the city of Cebu itself. Around 90 fellow scholars all toting our netbags as our only possession for the urban backpacking, we trekked the city in search for clue cards, tasks and a whole lotta exploration, the Dora way.

Held last 2nd – 3rd of May 2011, we all had given poverty a new meanin…

Call me Chef Jaysee | Academy for International Culinary Arts Cooking Party

I am fascinated with food all my life (and all my friends know about it) let alone having pleasure in watching cooking shows in television.It was magnified when I actually became part of a kitchen simulation of my friend, Chef Angie

So when I was asked to take part of a cooking party at one of the top culinary schools in Cebu, I immediately jumped on the chance to get myself burned or cut to cook grand meals and learn from the industry experts. And my, did I get more than what I've bargained for.

Afternoon, after work last January 3, 2011, I immediately took a cab to the Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA) located in The Gallery in Mabolo. It was there I met Chef Vance Borja, school's stakeholder and owner of The Veranda in Parkmall and the Penthouse in IT Park. Yep, and he still finds time to cook and despite his status, he is really down to earth and I wouldn't have known any of that if Evanjohnn of did not tell me.  He personally taught us the…

The 50 Peso Froccino Bo's Coffee Promo

Bo's Coffee is celebrating their 15th anniversary on June 28, and this year also marks the opening of our 50th store.
So they've decided to offer their short brewed coffee for P15 and their tall froccino (any variant) for P50 on certain days and times. We're doing this as a treat for our customers and to invite them to celebrate these occasions with us.
For more information about the promo, please head on over to our 15 and 50 promo portal.

Cebu Road Revolution: Party for Earth on Osmeña Blvd

This Sunday, you might not need your car or anything that blows out some toxics to Cebu Cityas the whole Osmeña Boulevard will be closed to promote green transportation and give way to a street party for Earth.

Road Revolution: Filipinos' Declaration of Independence from Air and Traffic Pollution will be held on June 12, 2011. And I am encouraging you to sign the petition in a booth somewhere for having bicycle lanes in the city. A copy of the petition can be read below.

Walk, Run, Skate, Bike as long as it doesn't pollute. It actually works win win: you getting a hot bod and saving the earth from further destruction. The Road Revolution will be along Osmeña Boulevard, Cebu City ~ 6am - 6pm. There are booths and activities all over so you better put your sunscreens on.

The Road Revolution: Filipinos' Declaration of Independence from Air and Traffic Pollution will also have a petition signing! Together let us campaign for sidewalks, bike lanes and collective transportation …

Jaysee Blabs storms Cebu Blog Camp 2011

There is this time of the year where online content publishers convene to discuss the most pressing issues that revolves around Pinoy Blogosphere and learning more from the experts about writing, dealing, and marketing their sites. 

This is Cebu Blog Camp 2011 and this year marks its second and yours truly, author of,,,, and, was an attendee.

The magic all happened last May 28, 2011 at the Sacred Heart Center in Cebu City. The organizing team behind the event went all out with the preparation for their biggest endeavor yet seeking a lot of sponsors and a bigger venue to accommodate a bigger audience. Not only were Cebuano bloggers there to mingle and learn from each other but as well as those from Manila and other provinces as well. The line up of speakers and their topics were good and there …