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Olango Swimming Challenge at Tambuli Beach this May 2011!

In partnership with the Philippine Aquatic Sports Association (PASA), Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) will host the 4th Olango Challenge on Saturday, April 30, 2011.

More than 70 seasoned, competitive as well as amateur swimmers from all over the country are expected to join the Philippines’ pioneer open water marathon swimming event. This year’s Olango Challenge is designed as a 6-kilometer coastwise swim around a box formation rather than a channel crossing or coastwise swim, and will be held at the beachfront of Tambuli Beach Club.

The OLANGO CHALLENGE is an annual fund raising event for the benefit of the people of Olango. The event highlights the importance of having a clean marine environment, raises awareness on the magnitude of preventable drowning incidence in the Philippines and promotes open-water marathon swimming as a sport in which Filipino swimmers should excel. The previous 2 Olango Challenges raised funds to fund the construction of a two-classroom s…

Jaysee blabs about the power of change

The world is going to end as we know it and it scares a lot of people lately.Floods, earthquakes, abrupt climate change and unexplainable natural calamities that have been caused by harsh human activities have come abound here and there.

How we protect ourselves is a priority not just for our government but for each of us individually because it is not what our country can do for us but what we can do for it.

Solutions doesn't come by mind setting alone but it has to be coupled with a series of actions that works toward a common goaland that is positive change through the little actions we make that will impact greatly when the time comes. 

Change is inevitable and is the most constant thing in the world and if we do our share in modifying our habits and lifestyle

This day has been really long and fun like that. Companies like Aboitiz Equity Ventures have made it there oath to touch people's lives and shaping the future through the business operations that they do. 
We are formall…

Your Cebu band is about to shine! Rockeoke Unplugged Cebu Band Competition on March 26, 2011

The Earth Hour in cooperation with Aboitiz Power presents Rockeoke Unplugged Sing For Mother Earth band competition.Tell your friends to tag along their acoustic instruments and loads of energy and talent to Persimmons Plus in Mabolo, Cebu City!

See poster for more details! For more information contact Kate Alconga 0917 8892718!

There is Love - Chasen

You're looking through the fire that burns
What's on your mind
I can tell it hurts

Tears don't fall if nothing is wrong
So come close
Tonight is still young

Ooh, there is love for you
There is love for you in my arms
Ooh, you are everything
Everything that I'm living for
And don't be afraid to tell me what's on your heart
Ooh, there is love for you here in my arms

Pictures they paint
The memories of my home
Even in a crowd without you I am alone
God I know you made an angel for me
Somewhere close that's my destiny

Come close hear my breath breathing
Whispering the words I love you
Come close see your future
And know that there is hope and there is love for you

Announcing World Bloggers' Day Celebration

Adding up to its roster of successful events in Cebu, a premier blogging institution is spearheading the celebration of the new World Bloggers' Day.

Cebu Bloggers' Society Incorporated (CBSi) has united with other blogging organization here and around the globe to unite for a single day to commemorate what united all of us in the first place and to honor the powerful achievements that blogging could achieve for a person, group, cause, business or nation.

With the theme "Roles of Bloggers", World Bloggers' Day will be a much anticipated event this year and we are inviting every blogger to become part of it. The details of the celebration in Cebu will be posted soon as we are still up on their heels putting this all together.

CBSi initiated World Bloggers’ Day as a way of gathering all bloggers in all corners of the globe. The first World Bloggers’ Day happened last May 2, 2010, in Parkmall Cebu.

CBSi has obtained the participation confirmation of the following:


March 13 World Vision Run Cebu - Meet Derek Ramsey and Miriam Quiambao

Cebu City has been known to have the second largest running community. Almost every weekend in Cebu is booked with running events, may it be running to support causes or charity runs to raise funds for certain activities and organizations.

We are inviting all Cebuanos and running enthusiasts to join this fun run for a cause this coming
March 13, 2011 4:30AM
at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

There will also be fun-filled activities for the little ones! Bring your family and friends to this fun-filled event and get a chance to meet World Vision celebrity sponsors, Derek Ramsey and Miriam Quiambao!

This event is hosted by Primer Group of Companies, retailer and distributor of over 50 premium outdoor and lifestyles brands like R.O.X., Bratpack, Columbia, Fitflop, Res|Toe|Run, The Travel Club, York and Northface to name a few.

Registration areas are - Center for Sight (CDU Hospital), ROX,  ResToeRun (Ayala Center Cebu),
The North Face, Columbia Sportswear (SM City Cebu).

Registration …

Kawasan Falls - Christmas Cebu Tour Part 5

It has always been a life long dream of mine to actually see a waterfall and I’ve been telling a friend about it for quite some time before it became a reality.
I was able see the Kawasan Falls in all its glory together with my family when we had our Cebu tour last Christmas. 
We had lunch at the known tourist spot and as we dine looking at the people enjoying the falls it did us much good.

The road to the falls was long pleasurable walk though. There are souvenir shops at the beginning of the trek should you wish to buy something. You actually have to cross around three bridges and walk beside the river trail for over 30 minutes or so from the road. You can bring in some food if you want but we decided to dine anyway.

Kawasan is actually an hierarchy of three falls and we stayed in the biggest one which is located at the bottommost part. There are restaurants and rooms you can rent that surrounds the great place. Cottages and tables are also available for rent. With tropical trees and …

Molave Milk Station - Christmas Family Tour Part 4

We have dined at the Adventure Cafe, raced all over the JVR Island in the Sky Resort, for our Christmas Family Tour all over Cebu we sort of made a little roundabout in Carcar for a quick stop over at Molave Milk Station.
Being the only milk lover in the family, I was glad we were able to buy some ice cream and fresh milk at this part of the town. When I sampled their milk it tasted something you would expect from a fresh cow or carabao’s milk. Their cupped ice cream tastes great though. We tried the chocolate, vanilla and the mango in all its homemade goodness.

About Molave Milk Station I was told that it actually is a private farm and the place had these picnic tables and a shop where you could buy dairy products and food ranging from roasted fishes to meats. You cannot enter the farm to interact with the animals but you can enjoy a good view though.

About Barili Barili has always been special to me. The inspiring views from the rolling hills and fields could convert whatever stre…

JVR Island in the Sky Resort - Christmas Family Tour Part 3

There is a little piece of heaven found in Cebu and it looks a lot more like Baguio. Taking the Transcentral Highway that traverses from Cebu City to the rest of Cebu provinces, our family was able to stop by JVR Island in the Sky Resort in Balamban during our Christmas Tour.

But before immersing yourself in in mountain paradise goodness that is JVR, you have to read our previous stop when we had breakfast at the Adventure Cafe not far from where JVR stands.

Anyway, with cool climate and lush perfectly manicured landscaping, JVR Island in the Sky Resort lives up to its name. Welcoming you with an adventurous walk through the wooden bridge, you will be greeted with a relaxing feeling that your family will surely love.

And did I mention that they have cable car rides too?

You are so gonna fall in love with the scenic slopes and cottages you can rent. If we don’t have an itinerary for the rest of the day, we might have stayed for the night. A restaurant stands atop the hill overlooking ev…