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Best Cebu Blogs 2010 Awarding Night honors the Cebu’s finest online publishers

Yours truly (Jaysee Blabs) has been honored to be nominated for the Best Cebu Blogs this year, 2010, a roster of Cebu’s finest online writers*ahem!*.This is the third year that the award has been commending influential bloggers who have believed that Cebu has so much to offer to the world and decided to keep writing about it. The exclusive awarding ceremony will be held at Sugbutel Penthouse in Cebu City on December 12, 2010. This will be the first offline event of the award-giving body founded by Mark Monta. Also co-organized by Bjornson Bernales and Agnes Jimenez, the Best Cebu Blogs have also adopted a new method of finding their finalists as the people on Facebook will decide. Out of the top 20 nominees with the most likes on Facebook, only 10 will emerge as winners since country’s 3 respected bloggers will judge this year’s Best Cebu Blogs: Azrael Deasis Coladilla(Luzon) Stanley Cabigas (Visayas) Avel Manansala (Mindanao)Below are the top 20 finalists in alphabetical order. A…

Kublai Khan in Ayala Cebu Terraces | Check-a-Bowl

In the heart of Ayala Cebu’s The Terraces sits a Mongolian restaurant that doesn’t cost as much. With only P102, two people can enjoy a bowl that you personally handpicked the ingredients. Kublai Khan at the third level of The Terraces, offers “Check-A-Bowl” meal where you fill up a form containing the meat and seafood sauces, condiments, vegetables and the options: rice, canton or bihon. At first sight, you might think they are serving classy dishes but you only have to spare a couple of bills to enjoy a meal that conjoins sweet, tangy and salty taste of various meats, cabbages, chili and pancit canton. This is a type of resto that appeals to Cebuano’s who are always wanting a run for their money and their high quality of service topped with a fast food interiors have proven to be a unique concept that can charm to any food lover’s senses. You may also want to check out their funny poster once you dine in, “Don’t blame the Cook, He just put in fire.” photo by eLoWeeZeeKublai Khan

SM Cinema new eTicketing system guarantees no more lines

SM Cinema is the first to give Filipinos the 3D digital cinema experience three years ago. They are also the first to give motion effect seat simulators that will make action scenes quite more immersive. They are also the first to offer the ultimate cinematic experience, the IMAX which is now in Cebu. As if those were not enough, they were also the first to break grounds with the first interactive cinema gaming, the Winema. Now, the largest movie exhibitor in the country is proud to introduce another first. Imagine having to secure a movie ticket right in your own home. SM Cinema is proud to unveil another digital innovation with a new website that lets you get a ticket with a click of a mouse. No more lines! Go online! You can redeem your ticket through a special machine on the theater that scans your phone screen! You can even choose your own seat! All you need to do is: Go to new Choose your SM branch and the movie title. Click Go. Click on a movie schedule.…

Bo’s Coffee Doodle Set is sure to keep you inspired whole year round

Bo’s Coffee, the most popular, trendy coffee hangout place for the young and the young at heart is releasing their Doodle Set for those who love to scribble stuff (like me!) and those who want to avail of some cool exclusive promos! This is for the fanaticos and the cool artful ones! All you have to do is Get your frequency card from any Bo's Coffee outlet For every purchase worth P200, you get one sticker Accumulate 10 stickers and get a Doodle Mug Add another five and get a Doodle Book Add one more and get Doodle Colored PencilsThat’s it! You get a rare collectible: a planner where you can jot down your bucket list or plot out a great year with the 2011 planner!Promo ends January 30, 2011.For locations of the nearest Bo’s Coffee in Cebu, check map below:
View Larger MapKeep sipping, enjoy great times at the shop, and keep your eye on the prize as this could only go to people who put their heart into more than just patronizing a great coffee but living a great fun life with fr…

The Politics of Climate Change: RAFI Understanding Choices 2nd Forum

By Jaysee John Pingkian

We are in the generation where people mobilize themselves as catalysts for change.

Everyone is involved when we talk about Climate Change which is the very reason why our global leaders try to address it in the most diplomatic of ways. 

The process, however, is not as easy as it should be since every nation is tinted with different ideologies, backgrounds, laws and interests that may contradict with another nation’s.

Thus, the needs for negotiations arise.

United nations are convened once in a while to decide on what agreements and protocols are to be agreed upon so they would operate their country in such a way that would conform to the regulations that will ultimately protect the environment in the long run. 

That is why it gives me so much joy to see people like Atty. Antonio La Viña and Esperanza Garcia talk once again this time about their personal experiences as Philippine delegates to global world leaders’ conventions.

Pino! Restaurant in Cebu | Filipino food has never been classier

Pino! is an adjective which means refined. As a restaurant in Cebu, Pino! celebrates Filipino food in the classiest way possible. From the Colonial-period interior design to their all-Filipino menu line up, your visit to Cebu won’t be complete if you can’t enjoy the famous Pino! Buffet. The food follows the Filipino tradition that incorporates sweet, spicy and sourness dish after dish. With only P350, you can enjoy an eat all you can buffet which is actually cheaper before they rebranded themselves from being a high social status resto.
The desserts
The interior dining hall
Tuna Belly
Tuna Steak
Tanguingue Fillets
Baby Garoupa
Baby Squid
Catch of the Day
Boneless Bangus
Gambas Ajillo y a Calamare
Lengua Blanca
Lengua Con Tomate
Calderetang Cabrito
Paella Valenciana
Sugpo sa Gata
Pinais na Alimasag            
Kalderetang Baka
Bistek Tagalog
Crispy Tadyang
Chicken-Pork Adobo
Pino’s Fried Chicken

Your social network profile could be key to higher pay

By Jaysee John Pingkian Billionaire IT entrepreneur has created a software package that he believes could revolutionize business. Marc Benioff discovered an unforeseen function of his product, the Salesforce Chatter. It was originally designed to help staff collaborate on projects. But he claims that he uses Chatter for keeping an eye on his employees because of it gives him “a lot of transparency” compared to emails.Chatter is loosely based on the system analysis and design of Facebook. Employees create their own profiles, form groups, post status updates and share information explicitly. This in turn gives individuals the chance to get noticed even if they don’t belong to top or middle management. They are the “strong individual contributors” who are intensifying the company in many ways like closing deals, fixing bugs or building products. But social networking may have its evils as the most superficial employees may be the only ones favored rather than the most resourceful or ind…

Alberto’s Pizza Cebu | Best Affordable Pizza Shop in Cebu

There are a lot of things to love about Cebu and that is you can never go wrong with any tripping you love, pizza included. Almost every corner especially in the key cities is dotted with establishments that serve you that dough with all the meaty and cheesy goodness we all grew up with. There are pizza places that is close to my heart because not only do they serve the best pizzas at a reasonable price and the fact that the people I go there with love everything about it.Alberto’s Pizza Mabolo BranchRight in front of the old Paseo, Alberto’s Pizza stands quietly in a street in Mabolo near Sykes. They might not get a lot of natural human traffic in the area but the fact that people such as my friends and I try to go there by foot (from AMA Cebu to their shop) there must be something that keeps us coming back for more. Preparing your order of three pizzas or less will take no more than 15 minutes unlike the pricey ones which take around 30 or more. And it’s so worth waiting because of …

The hero that is Mark Aethen Agana

Most of us hang out at the malls or with friends and family on our weekends while there is one guy who goes to his province’s public school tutoring graduating high school kids so that they make it college and now most of his 300 students not only get access to quality college education but as well as enjoy scholarships.

It gives me so much honor to tell the story of a humble guy who has done extraordinary feats.

Mark Aethen Agana couldn’t be any more deserving to his accolade, the Bayaning Kabataang Pilipino Award. It is part of a series of awards by lined Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. which immortalizes the contributions of community leaders like Mark who make the biggest difference in other people’s lives through their own little ways.
He believes that “one person is of more value than the world.” He dedicated his weekends tutoring English, Science and Mathematics to arm his students battle through college entrance and top scholarship examinations through the organization that he co-founded,…

The Cotta

Shot somewhere kids can enjoy an enriching cultural experience, families can gather, or lovers can go enjoy an afternoon stroll. It might take some time for me to come back to this place, but it will forever linger. Lighthouse, museum, fortress, beach, and a boulevard. With Ate Ceewai. Shot using a Canon digicam. Post-processing by me. Watermark leads to my personal and main blog

The Reunion

There comes this time of the year when we get to see each other. Something we look forward to during summers or semestral breaks. School, work and anything else may have burnt us out which also adds to the excitement on going to great places with my good ol’ best friends high school. Just last November 6, 2010 we went to this resort which is great and awesome for many reasons. That is why we’d like to thank Jammy for discovering it, Clyde for spearheading the organization and the rest of the gang for trying to make it work again. I am obliged not to tell it yet and if you know, then good for you. The PlaceGetting there was so difficult, as the bumpy road seemingly shakes you to the core and it is situated in the middle of the countryside. Because of that, you would begin to doubt if you are going on the right way and if such a resort exists because it looks so good in the pictures our organizers posted on Facebook. But anyway, when we arrived we were just in awe as the place was soooo…

Parkmall Cebu Trick or Treat: Awesome family affair

It was the first time that my family would have to participate in a Halloween event last October 31, 2010. Parkmall Cebu was organizing a family costume party and a mall wide Trick or treat. It was open to families who registered days ago and with Miggy (my nephew-son), we have been buzzing about it for weeks. He was wearing a soldier fatigue as costume which turned out to be more in the likeness of Kuya Kim as some people commented. The other kids were wearing costumes like angels, royalty, mythical and monstrous creatures. The party was held at the Playmaze function room at the second floor where kids and their families were treated to games, dance numbers by The Monsters and the bubble show by young jovial cheerleaders. They were giving away educational products as prizes and giveaways. It was hosted by a lively and entertaining clown who kept us giggling all throughout. But the most exciting part would have to be the trick or treating. Since my parents were not showing any sign…

PACQUIAO vs MARGARITO absolutely live and FREE

PLDT myDSL users get to watch PACQUIAO vs MARGARITO on November 14, 2010 absolutely live, no commercial breaks and FREE via your PLDT Watchpad. Reserve a slot now until NOVEMBER 8, 2010 by clicking here:
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PACQUIAO and PLDT myDSL WatchPadOn November 14 at 8 a.m., PLDT myDSL Watchpad subscribers will get to experience the blow-by-blow account of the much-awaited Pacquiao-Margarito World Super Welterweight Championship as it streams live from the U.S. with no commercial breaks.Existing Watchpad users must make a reservation on before November 8 to watch Pacman’s legacy-defining fight. For myDSL subscribers who are not Watchpad users yet, simply make sure to register first and then reserve within the reservation period absolutely free.About WatchPadStreamed live on the WatchPad’s myView Channel, get a fr…

Steve Job’s former boss thinks he shouldn’t be in Apple

By Jaysee PingkianNow dubbed as one of the greatest thinkers ever to hail from Silicon Valley, the biggest consumer electronics company has a lot to thank Steve Job’s for. From developing products to creating hype, Apple is nowhere to be found if without the man. Just recently, ran a story with their interview of Steve Job’s former boss and why after 27 years, John Sculley tells Job’s good and bad side, and admits he should have never been Apple's CEO. The GoodHis methodology. What makes him different from everyone else is the way he perceives that the most important decision isn’t always the things you do. Rather, it should be “the things you decide not to do.” Inspired by Sony. Sculley also recounts the stories of how amazed Steve was with how Akio Morita ran Sony. They would go to Sony factories together and Jobs redesigned Apple factories with the same elegance and system. “He didn't want to be IBM. He didn't want to be Microsoft. He wanted to be Sony.” Think…

Illac Diaz talks about climate change like never before | RAFI Climate Change Forum in Cebu on building disaster proof communities

Social Entrepreneur Illac Diaz dazed the crowd made up of government officials and organization heads in Cebu to talk about the reality that is facing us all, the effects of climate change and what we could do about it.

“We have a consumptive kind of behavior” he says, “The Philippines belong to the top five in death rate and property losses as caused by Climate Change. Yes, we may give preference to people after the storm has passed like food and shelter but it is very expensive. We allocate millions of funds but can we act before the storm?”

The answer is a big yes. The success of his ventures speak for itself. Yours truly had the chance to see him in person talk, pitch ideas and influence leaders last October 29, 2010 at Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI)’s Understanding Choices Forum. That is why it saddens me that I wasn’t able to have a photo op with him because he is leaving sooner but telling his story in his behalf should be enough a consolation for the many things he has d…