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12th Webby Awards Title Clips Using Great Motion Graphics

The onion’s best videos

Disclaimer: To non-viewers of The Onion, everything you see is purely fictional. They are just too talented to making it all look so good. May include profane statements and 100% entertainment.This has to be one of the biggest post ever bringing together all of my favorite videos from this sensational news organization that’s more fun than the real thing. Authoritative, journalistic and everything that coats legitimate news sources are one of The Onion’s best attributes, next to extremely funny.Watch and know why The Onion will make the rest of us inadequate.Philippines in a landslide? Stop throwing money into the money hole.
Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash Review of Sony’s new product that doesn’t work. Mother seeks help of FBI to finding her daughter. Reality shows seeks sets unrealistic expectations on skanks. World mourns after gas explosion. Astronauts face the physical and emotional demands of a Larry King interview. Miley Cyrus will be depleted by 2010. Institu…

Best Text Messages

Certain things may catch your eyes… but pursue only those that capture your heart. – Ken Ebbie
2 Baliw gustong tumakas sa mental hospital:
Baliw 1: alam ko na gagawin para makatakas tayo.
Baliw 2: paano? eh naka padlock yung gate.
Baliw 1: yun na nga eh! sisirain natin. kapag nasira na, makakatakas na tayo.
Baliw 2: oo nga noh? galing mo talaga! tara na!
Baliw 1: Pare! Malas!
Baliw 2: Oh bakit?
Baliw 1: Hindi naka lock yung padlock. Hindi natin masisira. Hindi tayo makakatakas!
Baliw 2: Ang tanga mo naman pare! eh di i-lock natin.
-Ken Ebbie
Masakit talaga ang isang tao na hinihiling mong maging sayo pero masaya sa iba. Ngunit walang mas sasakit pa sa tudlo nga maipit sa sira. Hasta jud’ng sakita! – Geraldine
No one falls in love by choice, it’s by chance.
No one stays in love by chance, it’s by work.
And no one falls out of love by chance, it’s by choice. –Jenni…

Britney and Pepsi

Former Senator and 1996 Presidential candidate Bob Dole was on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Tuesday, where he discussed his role in the Britney Spears starring Pepsi commercial. Dole also joked that he wasn’t responsible for the breakup of Britney and *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake. Read on for the very funny transcript.

The period Pepsi jingles are real, but the ads themselves are modern reinterpretations of old TV commercials, and that may be the only interesting thing about them. Retro efforts like these always underline a certain truth: Eras are defined largely in hindsight. After all, who has the self-awareness (or clairvoyance) to understand exactly how a decade will be recalled?
However, the new ad may well have captured the current moment anyway, for one reason -- Britney herself. What other figure on the current pop horizon has a better shot at becoming the emblem of the age? You don't have…

Synaesthesia: Another Miracle of the Brain

Do numbers or letters cause you to have a color experience? Example: Does the letter J "mean" yellow to you? Or does "5" make you perceive purple?
Do weekdays and months have specific colors? Example: Does July always mean Navy Blue to you? Is Wednesday always orange?
Do you imagine or visualize weekdays, months and/or years as having a particular location in space around you? Example: Is September always located two feet in front of you to the left?
Does hearing a sound make you perceive a color? Example: Does a shrill car horn cause you to see the color green? Does C sharp make you see pink?
If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then it appears that you may experience some forms of synaesthesia.
Thanks to Good Mag’s blog entry about synaesthesia and it was the first time I even heard of it.

Human BrainThe brain is one wonderful thing and is the very thing that makes God, God. Science asks again and again “how the brain, in development, generate…

Microsoft's Photosynth and the American History

You must have heard about Microsoft’s innovation called Photosynth where pictures afloat at a black void to show how they are related with each other in an attempt to recreate a moment.
Photosynth, enables users to create synths, detailed 3-D environments of photos that are identified by minute similarities and then fused together. I
n this case, the initial images comprise those captured on cell phones, cameras and mobile devices by inauguration attendees of the moment Obama is sworn in as president. From the vast sweep of the crowd to a close-up on the new president’s raised hand, every angle of this historic moment will be frozen in time.
See it here:
Wouldn’t it be nice if the next thing that we could synth are videos?

Best Superbowl Commercials of 2009

Just today I was drowning myself with a lot of commercials from this years SuperBowl via Youtube’s AdBlitz 2009 channel.
I enjoyed it so much I made awards for them:
Best “Haha” AwardPepsi “I’m Good”

Best “Wow!” AwardCoca-cola “The Heist”

Best “What the?”Doritos “The Power of Crunch”

Best “Ahwww…” AwardCoca-cola “Avatar”